3 Easy Ways to Measure Your Employer Brand (and Woo the Pants off Your CEO).

Your employer brand matters. Here are three simple ways to prove it.

As a recruiter who’s NOT living under a rock, you already know that what people say about your company can make or break your chances of attracting top talent.

And that whether those comments are good or bad, they’re what really define your employer brand. No matter how perk-packed your job ads, people will always believe their friends and peers over the words of your well-polished website.

You know it. We know it. But does your CEO know it? We’ve already talked about how important it is to embrace a BS-free employer brand from top to bottom but if you’re in the unenviable position of working from bottom to top, you’re going to have to do some convincing.

We’re embarking on an ongoing series to uncover the tangible time and money-saving benefits of a rock-solid recruitment strategy, starting with 3 simple ways to measure your employer brand.

#1 — Employee satisfaction

Are your employees happy or are they ready to bolt?

When your employees love working for your company, they talk about it to their friends and even post about it on social media. They rave about why they love working for you and even go as far as to talk about why others should work for you, too. (It’s basically recruitment GOLD.) 🤩

Unfortunately, the same goes for bad experiences. Either way, these comments can be a great way to take the temperature of your employer brand.

Take a close look at brand mentions from both your customers and your employees on social media. And we’re not talking about the tidy Twitter posts that come from your content calendar. You want to see what’s being said off the clock.

If you’re lucky enough to see some positive comments, note down the common praises or wins and like or comment back to let your employees know you’re paying attention. If the comments are negative, you’ll need to be more careful about engaging them.

In either case, you’ll want to take note of exactly how many views, likes, comments and shares this feedback has received. Can you imagine your CEO’s face when you tell them not only how much your employee’s love working for them but also how much attention those heartfelt professions attract for the brand? 😍

If you’re not getting enough insights from social media and review sites, go ahead and ask your employees for feedback.

Conduct an anonymous employee survey with questions about how they feel about working for the company and how likely they are to recommend it to a friend. This not only gives you great numbers to work with, but also powerful testimonials, examples and stories that can help you make a powerful point internally.

#2 — Number of employee referrals

Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors.

Jennifer Newbill, a director of Global Employer Brand at Dell, believes a successful employee referral program will be more strategic and beneficial for a business than any savings initiative.
Jennifer also noticed that referral hires at Dell have higher retention rates and even tend to outperform their counterparts when it comes to sales and performance. (How’s that for recruitment ROI?)

And the stats on employee referrals seem to back that up. So, how many job candidate referrals are you bringing in? If you’re not getting at least 50% of your new hires from referrals, it’s time to take your employer brand to the next level.

Make sure that both referring employees and candidates have amazing experiences with your brand or referral program so that they never hesitate to tell their friends about it.

#3 — Attrition rate

High turnover rate got you down?

Your employer brand could be in crisis — especially if your more recent hires are starting to disappear. High attrition rates are red flags hinting that what your employer brand markets itself to be doesn’t match up to the actual experience of working for you.

According to a review from the Center for American Progress (which cited a whopping 11 research papers published over a 15-year period!), the average cost of turnover for a highly skilled job is 213% of the cost of one year’s compensation for that role. 😲

We all know that we can’t keep employees forever, some are bound to leave. But even the ones who move on can still be passionate ambassadors for your brand, IF you treat them right. That’s why developing a strong employer brand is a process that must be executed inside and out.

Make sure all your employees can vouch for your awesomely authentic brand. The more you do that, the more great candidates will come your way.

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