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April 18, 2019

Talent Search: Get Millions of Candidates with One Simple Search

Product Update
talent search

You heard the old line about the war for talent, right?

Well, it's back on.

Today, 45% of the world's employers are having a tough time filling jobs.

And with millennials taking over the workplace faster than you can say "avocado toast", yesterday's recruitment tricks just don't work like they used to.

The talent market is tight, recruiters are expensive and job seekers are choosier than ever. So what can you do to get ahead?

Get proactive about your pipeline

Business was never a static thing, but today's landscape is barely recognizable.

In fact, almost 90% of the companies gracing the Fortune 500 list have disappeared since its creation in 1955. And with the rise of the millennial workforce and on-demand talent economy, small-to-midsize employers are now going toe-to-toe with top brands—which means there's more pressure on everyone to secure the best talent out there.

It's time to get ahead of the game.

At Breezy, we're always thinking of ways to help you do that. That's why we're so psyched to show you our newest release, Talent Search.

Here's how it works.

Let's say you know you're going to need another designer two to three months from now.

You simply hit up Talent Search with the keyword, job title or even Boolean string you're after and BOOM. Hundreds of quality candidates matching whatever background, skills, and geography you're looking for pop up right in front of you. 🎉

Not only that, you now have access to their entire professional and educational background, email address and social media profiles right there on a single screen.

Congrats. You literally just saved yourself hours crawling through the Google rabbit hole.

Talent Search aggregates all the pertinent info from a variety of search sources so you can find your top contenders and instantly add them to your open position or talent pool.

Once you have your awesomely pre-screened talent pool, all you need to do is show a little love. Because on average, 50% of candidates are not yet ready to move to a new role.

You need to win them over first. Nurture your candidates with fun, friendly texts or emails to introduce them to your brand and culture, and let them know you dig them.

“You and I seem to be in perfect alignment when it comes to the importance of graphic design to brand identity. [My marketing VP] agrees with you, too – she recently spoke at X conference about this very subject. You can see her talk [here].

As a company that's all about impact, we're always on the lookout for purpose-driven designers. Would it be alright to reach out to you about future opportunities to work with us?"

It's that easy.

And what about roles with high turnover?

When it comes to turnover, the struggle is real.

In fact, according to a report by, turnover in the US hit an all-time high of 19.3% this year.

But at the end of the day, there’s no such thing as instant gratification in the high-stakes game of recruitment. Start nurturing leads before you need them and you’ll have a pool of A-player talent ready to be your next “quick win”.

Posting a new role? Start with a bang.

What if you've already got an open position posted?

Talent Search can help give your posted positions way more momentum while ensuring a higher ratio of quality candidates.

Here's how.

After you post your open role, use Talent Search to cherry-pick potential applicants with the skills, education and/or background you're using as your baseline.

(Remember, you get to set the bar on these applicants so feel free to aim for the sky.)

Instantly add these leads to your open position or talent pool and reach out with a friendly intro email to let them know there's a fresh new role that's absolutely perfect for them:

“You and I seem to be in perfect alignment when it comes to the importance of graphic design to brand identity. [My marketing VP] agrees with you, too – she recently spoke at X conference about this very subject. You can see her talk [here].

Now, I don’t want to assume anything about your happiness at work, but given our mutual interest in this, I think you’d at least want to check out [opportunity] – I think you could really make an impact. Here’s why:”

With access to their social media profile just a click away, it'll be a cinch to find something relevant to say to help personalize your outreach and make a genuine connection from that very first digital handshake.

It shouldn't take forever to find quality candidates

With the talent market as tough as it is, it's easy to find excuses for why you're not getting quality candidates.

But the truth is, there's no good reason not to have the awesome candidates you need, when you need them.

If you're limiting yourself to a handful of lackluster candidates because you simply don't have time to painstakingly search and add every last profile and email address, we get it. (After all, figuring out who to interview is a heck of a lot harder than the interview itself.)

Talent Search makes it easy. If you're ready to stop navigating between a million different windows and databases and instantly add millions of candidates to your open positions and talent pools, we got you covered. Check out Talent Search today!