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Product Update

Talent Search: Get Millions of Candidates with One Simple Search

Too much turnover, not enough talent. Today's TA pros need a rock-solid pipeline of quality candidates, and they need it fast. We created a tool to help talent leaders source all kinds of awesomeness in one simple search.
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Breezy joins the LTG family

Breezy joins the LTG family

Today we’re thrilled to share that Learning Technology Group (LTG) has signed an agreement to acquire Breezy HR. We’ve had an incredible journey as an independent company and are more than excited to start our next chapter working with LTG to build powerfully simple recruiting software at a pace that wouldn’t have been possible on our own.
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blockchain recruiting

Blockchain Meets Recruitment: 3 Things Every Recruiter Should Know [+ Free Guide!]

Curious about blockchain? Get the key talking points every recruiter should know plus a free guide with practical examples!
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termination letters
Company Culture

3 Examples of Termination Letters Done Right

While firing someone isn't always uncomfortable, you can still keep it human—even right down to the formal termination letter. These templates can help.
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diversity recruiting mistakes

Are You Making these 7 Deadly Diversity Recruiting Mistakes?

Diversity in the workplace is critical to a thriving business. If you're committed to doing it right, start by taking a closer look at what you might be doing wrong.
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personality tests for hiring

11 Personality Tests for Hiring Awesome Talent (+ How to Choose the One for You)

From the complex and customized to the science-backed and incredibly fast, there's a personality assessment on here for every type of hiring pro.
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