Grow Your Business, Grow Your Revenue

With Breezy HR’s Partner Program, you can bring the best ATS solution to your customers all while building trust, improving your customer base and increasing revenue.

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Increase Business with Breezy HR

Bring your clients hiring software that transforms their hiring process and gives them back time in their day.

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Widen your depth of services

Add Breezy’s award-winning hiring software to your client services and win more business.

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Equip your clients

With Breezy, your clients will have the power to optimize their hiring process and hire better candidates, faster.

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Earn recurring revenue

For every paying subscriber you refer, you get paid as long as they are a customer.

Deepen your Relationships.

Grow Your client relationships, boost your brand.

Breezy HR’s partner program is designed to help you grow your relationships with your clients and boost your rapport. 

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Customized Training

We will train you on the Breezy platform so you can feel empowered to offer us to your clients without a hitch.

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Unmatched Support

We give you everything you need to market Breezy to your clients, answer any support questions you may have and get you on your way to earning revenue.


Custom support to help you grow

Get everything you need to market and close deals with new and existing customers when you offer Breezy.


You have the freedom to participate as little or as much as you want. No pressure here!


We will give you customizable marketing assets to boost your brand and any extra supporting materials to help you win business.

No program fees.

Grow your revenue, eliminate the risk 

You choose the amount of effort you want to put into the partner program with no fees and no pressure, ever. 

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More Sales, More Revenue

The more paying customers you refer, the more revenue you make. Simple, easy and straightforward.

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Maximum Earn-out

For every paying customer you refer, you automatically get a 25% revenue share for as long as they are a customer. No minimums, no hassle.

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