2020 Source of Hire Report

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Candidate sourcing is becoming more difficult and more human. In today's candidate-driven market, quality hires are the make-or-break for your business. 

Hiring is no longer a simple process of posting a job and crossing your fingers in hopes that the right candidate finds you. Now, more than ever, it takes research by the employer to understand the type of candidate that will be the best fit for their organization, and ultimately make the best hiring decision.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Sourcing the RIGHT candidates should not be a guessing game or the process of throwing darts at a dartboard in the hope that it all works out. To be truly effective in today's hiring landscape you need to know your numbers and understand the candidates.

Knowing where your top hires come from will help measure the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts, learn what job sites to put the most resources into and improve the overall quality of your candidates.

We have gathered the data from over 3.3 million applicants and 68,000 hires to give you a look at the best places to actively source quality candidates throughout the hiring process.

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