Measurably Improve Employee Performance.

In Perform, teams spend less time on navigation and clicks, and more time hitting targets, supporting each other, and {gasp!} engaging in real conversations.  

Performance Reviews

Focus on Performance, Not Admin

Kickstart your first review cycle in just a few steps, complete with helpful guidance, ready-to-use templates, and easy customizations.

Lightning-Fast Reviews, Ready to Roll

Do intensive setups give you the creeps? Us, too.

Instead, Perform offers time-savers like prebuilt templates and a manager review comment generator, speeding up the review process without skimping on depth or quality.

So you can get insightful, comprehensive reviews done in a flash.

Review Season? The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Perform brings all the Performance Review essentials – feedback, goals, past performances – right to your fingertips.

For both employees and managers, this means engaging in a review process that's encouraging, straightforward, and valuable to every member of the team.

The dreaded year-end crunch? We don't know her.

Performance Review Cycles That Fit Your Schedule

Stop stuffing your needs into a platform's idea of the perfect review cycle.

In Perform, you can design review cycles that mirror and bolster your team's development and successes. So it's perfect for how you work - not how a platform thinks you should.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Unleash Team Potential with Perform

Turn your team's ambitions into accomplishments with Perform – where fast goal-setting, visual tracking, and easy customizations keep your focus on the targets (not the administrative tangents).

Speedy Goals, Stellar Results

Kickstart your team's success with Perform's prebuilt templates for department, team, and individual goals.

With simple key results and the ability to clone individual goals across reports, setting ambitious, clear goals is now faster than ever – so you can achieve them, sooner.

Easily Track Wins and Progress Stats

Stay on top of your team's achievements with easy-to-access statistics on goal completion, progress, and alignment.

Perform makes monitoring success and adjusting strategies simple, so your team is always on the right track.

Goal Setting? It's Not Us, It's You

Your team is unique, and your goals should be too.

With Perform, create any type of goal from scratch, including specific measures. Customize goals to align perfectly with your department's needs, team dynamics, and business objectives.

Feedback and Recognition

Cheers to Your Team's Wins with Perform

In Perform, recognizing and supporting day-to-day growth is quick, seamless, and tailored to your team's unique dynamics.

All Systems Go for Engagement.

If giving and getting feedback and recognition feels more like pulling teeth than pulling together, we've got you.

Perform's library of prebuilt templates, suitable for shouting out everything from new hires to exceptional leadership, means anyone on the team can give and get feedback in minutes.

And when you need a bigger sounding board, the 360-degree feedback option eliminates the usual hundred-click process.

Feedback? Click Here.

In Perform, requesting or giving feedback is just a click away. Seriously.

Readily available throughout the app, the option to say your piece always comes with default questions and template answers, so submitting or asking for feedback becomes a seamless, simple part of your team's day-to-day.

Personalize for Deeper Insights

We talk about our templates and default options a lot because … well, because they're amazing, and we think you'll love using them.

But anytime the situation calls for more detail, Perform has you covered. Editing your requests or answers is as easy as typing, with optional boxes for additional thoughts at every step.

1:1 Conversations

1:1s in Perform: Casual and Powerful

Perform keeps your open topics, feedback, and goals front and center for every conversation, so they're easy to scroll and hard to forget (unlike that comment about that thing from that client that one time …) 

1:1s Without the Fuss

Setting up 1:1s in Perform is straightforward and intuitive. With your manager and direct reports automatically listed, and a simple option to add others, organizing these conversations is hassle-free.

Schedule reminders and integrate them into your calendar with ease, making these essential discussions as smooth as possible.

Let's Get it Started in Here

Jump right into your 1:1 conversations in Perform. Goals and feedback are right there in the side panel, whether you're talking to your boss or team members.

Spend less time hunting for info and more on what really matters: great conversations.

Your Chat, Your Rules

Craft each 1:1 in Perform to fit what you need. Add topics, pick from conversation starters, reorder as you like, tick off action items, and throw in comments.

Your 1:1s turn into dynamic, goal-focused chats that really speak to your team's goals.

Are you ready?

Start improving employee performance with real conversations.

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