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Turn your best candidates into new employees,
in less time.

With automated background checks, offer management, and HRIS exports, Breezy helps you hire and onboard, hassle-free.

Offer Management

Extend offers with confidence.

Simplify the process of inviting your best candidates to join the team.

Offer management

Streamline your offer process with custom offer templates, approval flows, and built-in eSignatures. Get offers out to candidates as quickly as possible, so you can keep up with your hiring goals.

a full visual of setting up an offer within breezy hr

Background screening

Get pre-employment screening done in days, not weeks. With integrations from top providers, Breezy makes it fast and easy to run background checks you can trust.

 a background check for a candidate

HRIS Integrations

Set up new employees automatically.

Add new hires directly to your HRIS and hit the ground running, together.

HRIS partnerships that work

Breezy integrates with the most popular tools in recruiting and HR. That means you can easily move new hires into the HR system that works for you.


Stay compliant 24/7.

Our automated tools and reports take the effort out of compliance, wherever you’re hiring.

GDPR compliance made easy

Our suite of tools and features help automate and simplify the process of staying General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

GDPR enabled with a ring of stars

Automate EEOC/OFCCP compliance

Automatically track EEOC and OFCCP data with a simple on/off switch. Breezy will keep your compliance reporting up-to-date at every stage.

Breezy HR view of EEOC options and a EEOC report

Reporting & Analytics

Measure it all.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Track and improve your hiring process with real-time recruiting analytics. From standard, automated reports to custom, enterprise-grade business intelligence.

See data that matters

You’re never far from the insights you need. Our simple but robust reporting helps you identify the most efficient ways to attract and hire great new teammates.

Clear, real-time insights out of the box:

  • Pipeline Performance
  • Candidate Sources
  • Time to Fill
  • Team Productivity
graphs and reports within Breezy HR for candidates, positions, sources etc.

Advanced, custom reporting

Need more detail? Breezy’s Ad hoc Reporting option lets you create advanced dashboards, measure custom KPIs, and more.

Dig into every step of your recruiting process so you can invest in what works and fix what doesn’t.

a older lady knitting paper that is coming out of a printer

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