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Recruiting & Hiring Reports

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To help you understand the unique opportunities and challenges involved with recruitment today, Breezy compiles and analyzes the recruiting statistics that matter to your team.

Source of Hire - Balancing the scales in 2023

With deeper insight into where great hires come from, you can focus your energy on the channels that deliver the most applicants, interviews, and job offers.

Hiring Challenges Survey 2024

Discover key 2024 hiring challenges and solutions in Breezy HR's report, featuring insights and practical tips from over 1,000 professionals

The State of Diversity Hiring 2023

What really works in diversity hiring? Check out our survey of over 500 hiring managers on the state of diversity hiring.

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Source of Hire 2022 - Tighter market, tighter strategy

In our latest Sources of Hire Report, we made it our mission to uncover the recruitment channels that garnered the most applicants, interviews, and job offers last year.

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Hiring Challenges Survey 2023

To find out what employers are up against, we collected data from 791 Breezy users representing companies of all shapes, sizes and industries.

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Making the most of LinkedIn Jobs in 2022

Discover the most effective ways to use LinkedIn Jobs for attracting and sourcing candidates, using real data from real users engaging with the platform.

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The State of Diversity Hiring 2022

Today’s talent market doesn’t look like yesterday’s. Don’t miss our survey of over 1,000 hiring managers on the state of diversity hiring in 2022.

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Source of Hire 2021 - The Great Recruitment Revamp

We reviewed the hiring paths of over 7.7 million applications to uncover the top job sites and recruitment channels for applicants, interviews, and job offers.

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Women at Work: 23 Experts on What Employers Should Stop, Keep and Start Doing to Make Work a Better Place for Women

Gender inequality hasn’t disappeared. We asked a group of female-identifying experts for the steps employers can take to make work a better place for women. Here’s what they said.

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Hiring Hindsight: How You Hired Last Year (and What that Says about You Now)

In this special report, we’ll look at the data behind how employers hired last year, where they succeeded or failed, and how they plan to hire in the future.

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The Working Moms Report brought to you by Breezy and Après Group

The state of working moms is shifting. Where they’ve thrived, they’ve also faced setbacks. Here’s what the data says about the state of working moms today and how employers can help.

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Source of Hire 2020 - Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Our ultimate sourcing guide is here! We've crunched the numbers to help you find the best places to source the right candidates.

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4 Recruitment Analytics Templates to Track Your Progress

Hiring is all about using the right data the right way. From pipeline metrics to source reports, this ebook is your guide to the recruitment analytics that count.

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Source of Hire 2019

We've gathered data from over 3.3 million applicants and 68,000 hires. Get insight into the best places to actively source quality candidates for hire.

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