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Balancing the Scales in 2023

Tip the Scales in Your Favor in 2024 

Maximize your hiring impact with insights from over 3.2 million job applications.  

When the hiring landscape is as unpredictable as today’s market, informed decisions aren’t just nice to have—they're essential. Our latest Source of Hire (SOH) report equips you with robust data from last year’s most effective recruitment channels. 

With analysis covering millions of applications across top job sites, social media, and external recruiters in the US and Europe, you get an unparalleled look at where successful hires originate.  

We’ve dissected the paths of millions of candidates to bring you precise, actionable insights. Here’s what you can do with this report:  

  • Identify which recruitment channels brought in the most qualified candidates and why.  
  • Optimize your hiring process by investing in the most productive sources, saving both time and resources.  
  • Attract and secure top talent by tailoring your strategies based on proven data.  

Don’t miss out on turning today’s hiring challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. Download the 2023 Source of Hire report now and start making every recruitment decision count.

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