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Seamless Hiring Meets Bias-Free Talent Assessment

Use Breezy and Bryq together to implement an equitable process with blind screening based on role and company requirements, mitigating bias in the hiring process. Hire talent, not resumes, better and faster than ever before.

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Hire Talent, not Resumes

Use Breezy and Bryq to reduce time to hire while boosting quality of hire and Diversity & Inclusion.

Bryq is a talent assessment platform that:

  • Assesses cognitive skills and personality traits
  • Ranks candidates that match role and company requirements
  • Implements a blind screening process (top of funnel, all candidates) or selectively evaluates candidates
  • Empowers structured interviews using our Hiring Manager Interview Guides
  • Improves Diversity & Inclusion with an equitable process that mitigates bias
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