March 29, 2023

Incognito Apply

With Incognito Apply from Breezy HR, you can instantly and easily reduce bias in your hiring process by removing gender, age, and ethnicity from profiles at the applicant stage.

Bias doesn't stand a fighting chance

Incognito Apply uses AI power to instantly and easily remove gender, age, and ethnicity from applicant profiles. Your team can evaluate each applicant on job-relevant skills alone to make sure you're moving the right candidates forward.

With Incognito Apply, you can instantly, easily, and definitively reduce bias to encourage inclusive hiring.  

Here’s How Incognito Apply Works

With the Incognito Apply add-on enabled on a job, Breezy will automatically withhold identifying content from all candidates who apply. 

The applicants will be available with a limited profile (think a simplified resume and no messaging) until the hiring team moves them along the pipeline. Then, all their information is restored and ready to move through your hiring process.

Beat bias to the punch.

Incognito Apply offers every kind of hiring team an effortless way to give each applicant a fair shot. 

We know that Incognito Apply, especially when combined with Candidate Match Score, will surface candidates that make the best fit for open roles based on the employer’s needs – regardless of the candidate’s race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or other diverse characteristics.  

When employers have this many effective tools to decrease bias — that are this easy to use — they can make extraordinary, diverse hires with confidence.

Incognito Apply

Enhance any Breezy plan with Incognito Apply to instantly and easily reduce bias in your hiring process by removing names, photos, and other identifiable details at the first stage of hiring.

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