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November 6, 2018

5 Stellar Career Pages That Will Give You Serious Recruitment Envy

career pages

Building your career page? It counts. Check out our rundown of awesomely compelling career page features to make sure your website attracts all the right applicants.

There are 6.7 million job openings and just 6.4 million available workers to fill them.

In a recent interview with CNBC, chief economist at ZipRecruiter, Cathy Barrera said, “If employers want to fill these 6.7 million job openings, they are either going to have to raise wages or find more clever and creative ways to recruit workers off the sidelines.”

She’s got a point. Raising wages is always awesome, but it could be a tall order for the 61% of small and midsize businesses who will need to hire more help in the next 12 months, but may not have the budget for meaningful pay increases.

Luckily, a knockout career page can help. 🙌

A truly creative career page will transform job seekers into engaged applicants and help you snag better talent than your competitors (even if your HR budget pales in comparison). But to build an eye-catching career page, you need to know which standout features to incorporate. You also need to know whythose features matter to your future candidates.

Here’s an all-star lineup of knockout career pages that show (and don’t just tell) job seekers why their company is a great place to work.

1. Knock — A truly creative career page

“Unemployment is at a historic low and things are getting more competitive, but I think you always have to assume you’re competing. You always have to be ready to put your best foot forward. It’s something that’s very important to us at Knock.” — Terra Soloski, Head of Talent & Culture, Knock

Founded by the same group of disruptors behind Trulia, Knock is a tech platform that lets homeowners trade in their homes. The company is a relatively new kid in the world of real estate tech, but they’re growing fast(like, 10 new markets by the end of 2019 fast).


To make sure the talent pipeline can keep up with Knock’s growth plan, Terra and the talent acquisition team created a truly standout careers page. 👌

Knock’s career page

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Feature #1 — Perks front and center

One of the best things about Knock’s career page is that it isn’t shy about its awesome benefits offerings. From inclusive employee benefits like healthcare, flexible scheduling, unlimited holidays and a personal learning and development stipend, Knock lets applicants know exactly what’s in it for them.

Benefit: Potential applicants know this is a company that not only values but nurtures its people.

Feature #2 — Catchy values

Values-based hiring isn’t exactly a new idea. But in terms of communicating those values creatively, Knock has taken the game to a whole new level. At Knock, members of the hiring team are looking exclusively for POPSICLE people.

The fun, casual acronym represents Knock’s working culture in a way applicants and employees are sure to remember.

Benefit: Recruitment is a two-way street. Job seekers want to know why they would want to work for a company. This succinct, people-oriented framework is the perfect pitch for potential applicants and a great way to help them self-select.

Feature #3 — Insider pics

Knock’s stellar career page also includes plenty of behind-the-scenes photos of staff hanging out and having fun. From mountain hiking to surfing, applicants can clearly see this is a fun and active team to be a part of.

Benefit: Action pics of the team not just working, but playing, inspire job seekers to want to become part of their crew. And let’s face it, triggering a little FOMO isn’t a bad thing. Especially, when you’ve got the culture to back it up.

2. HubSpot — Epic production value

“We know today’s job seekers are more informed than ever about where they go to work, researching everything from company culture to career opportunities to pay philosophy and more.” — Robert Hohman, Glassdoor CEO and co-founder, HubSpot

In case you don’t already know, HubSpot’s a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. And they’re a force to be reckoned with.


HubSpot’s got a great brand reputation, but they’re still in a very competitive space. Here are the core career page features that set their brand apart.

HubSpot Career Page

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Feature #1 — Culture code

As soon as you enter, you’re immediately greeted by the company’s culture code (part manifesto, part employee handbook). This is a great way to welcome page visitors, while clearly setting out the company’s values and expectations.

Benefit: Potential applicants know exactly who they’d be working for and can make an intentional decision about whether or not the company’s expectations and ethos fits with their own.

Feature #2 — Meet the Teams

HubSpot uses an intuitive design layout to help job seekers easily navigate to the team or department they’re interested in. There’s a tile for marketing, business enablement, sales, customer success, product and engineering, finance and accounting and people ops.

Benefit: Dedicated career pages based on the business function lets applicant easily dive deeper into the roles they’re most interested in, rather than wasting time trying filtering for the right openings.

Feature #3 — Video, video and more video 📽️

Most of the info on HubSpot’s career site is presented via video. From the ‘Why work here’ video featuring COO JD Sherman, to the ‘Day in the life’ video featuring star members of the team, the right fit job seekers will definitely resonate with these behind-the-scenes insights.

Benefit: A picture says a thousand words…and a moving picture? Well, it pretty much says it all. In-depth employee videos help applicants see themselves at your company before they even apply.

Bonus Feature: Link to Glassdoor testimonials. 👍🏽

3. Unito — Keeping it simple, fun and transparent

The reason we keep getting the candidates we want is that we work really hard, both at selling them on what the company is and what the vision is, and on working with them to expose them to what it means to work in a startup so that they’re not put off by the informality of it and the pace at which we move. What we end up with is people who love the idea of what we do.” — Trevor Longino, CMO, Unito


Unito is a simple tool that automatically synchronizes your project management tech stack. In other words, if you’ve got an product team obsessed with GitHub and a content team that loves Trello, Unito helps you stay in sync without forcing everyone to use a platform they dread. So yeah. Collaboration is kinda their thing. And their career page reflects that to a ‘t’.

Unito Career Page

Glassdoor rating: 5.0

Feature #1 — Video interviews

Recording in-depth videos is awesome, but it’s not a prereq to a great career page. If you don’t have the time or budget it to pull it off, just focus on getting all your people on one couch. Unito’s video interviews with various team members create a compelling story in just 2.5 minutes.

Benefit: We humans love video. Viewing firsthand accounts of why employees like working for a company gives potential applicants emotional insights that a written interview just wouldn’t.

Feature #2 — Links to Glassdoor and social media

By adding links to LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Instagram under the heading “What it’s Like to Work at Unito​,” the company’s leadership team is demonstrating their commitment to a transparent employer brand. (And if you know anything about the rising millennial workforce, you know transparency matters.)

Benefit: Job seekers are known to do a little lurking online in order to get that inside view of what it’s really like to work for you. After all, videos are “produced” by nature.

By providing links to LinkedIn (where job seekers can browse employee profiles), Glassdoor (where they can read anonymous reviews) and Instagram (where they can see the company culture and, importantly, read the comments), you’re showing them you have nothing to hide. 💯

Feature #3 — Visual highlight reel

In addition to the video, Unito uses a photo reel of fun, lo-fi office pics at the bottom of their career page. The photos aren’t professionally taken (and they’re definitely not stock photos), but that’s what makes them effective. Job seekers want to be with a company where they can be themselves. The highlight reel shows potential candidates that bringing your true self to work every day is not only possible, it’s expected.

Benefit: Create a sense of trust and acceptance by letting your team’s unique weirdness shine through.

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4. Asana — Completely conscious career page

“The most important thing is finding someone with a lot of enthusiasm who can get people excited about your company. There are tons of cool startups, tons of cool technology, and so many great opportunities in the Valley, especially right now. What’s going to set that one company apart from everything else? A recruiter should be able to pitch that in a genuine way.” — Andrew Stoe, Head of Talent at Asana


Asana is a web and mobile app designed to help teams organize, track and manage their work. The conscious startup was founded in 2008 by former Facebook developers, Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Moskovitz. (By the way, did you know that Justin was one of the developers who created the Like button? 👍)

As a group of awesomely zen innovators, leaders at Asana are known for kicking some serious HR ahem. In 2017, the fast-growing startup was ranked #2 of the top 100 Best Medium Workplaces by Fortune Magazine. Here’s what makes their career page genuinely better than the rest.

Asana Career Page

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Feature #1 — Meet the team

When Asana’s career page visitors hit the site, they’re immediately greeted by photos and testimonials from current employees about what it’s like to work there.

Benefit: Employee testimonials not only create an awesomely personal experience for job hunters, they also help develop a sense of trust and credibility before potential applicants ever hit Glassdoor.

Feature #2 — Mission video

With their employee testimonials in written form, Asana takes a different approach to their career page video. Theirs features co-founder Justin Rosenstein (the Like button guy!) as he personally lays out the company mission with all the fantastically persuasive stats, passion and insights to back up why that mission matters.

Benefit: Tragically, a sense of meaning is what’s missing from most workplaces. Many of the most highly skilled job seekers out there have left a role simply because they couldn’t understand what they were doing there in the first place. By showing job hunters they’ll have an opportunity to do work that truly, genuinely matters, you’re winning where it counts.

Feature #3 — Instagram

Asana’s career page also includes a link to their Instagram so job seekers can “See what it’s like to work at Asana.” Their Instagram has over 100 photos of Asana employees working, having fun and of course, having fun while working.

Benefit: This is a simple but effective way to show potential applicants plenty of trustworthy user-generated photos and inspire them to be part of the team.

Feature #4 — Link to awards and Glassdoor reviews

If you got it, flaunt it. And Asana’s definitely got it. Their career page states plainly that they were named “A best place to work 3 years in a row.” 🏆

Benefit: Sometimes a big vision can bring out the skeptics. But any objections in the mind of a potential candidate are quickly answered by showing the hard results of a winning talent strategy.

5. Waitr

“One of our biggest competitive advantages is our driver base. We’re proud of the people we hire.” — Nichole “Coco” Pahl, Head of Product, Waitr


Waitr is an increasingly popular carryout and delivery platform loved by users (who, let’s face it, just don’t have time to cook). But in a rapidly growing market of delivery apps, Waitr relies on their strong employer brand to secure top-notch talent. And their career page definitely helps make that happen.

Waitr Career Page

Glassdoor rating: 3.0

Feature #1 — Mobile-optimized

Job seekers who stop by Waitr’s career page never have to resort to squinting, zooming in and out and generally getting way frustrated trying to navigate their career page while on the go. And that’s important considering the vast majority of their hires are for driver positions (they hired 1,800 drivers in August of 2018 alone!).

The even have an option to let job seekers ‘Filter by Superpower’. 😍

Benefit: Potential applicants can clearly see everything they could ever want to know about a job with Waitr from the comfort and privacy of their mobile. This is not only a feature that’s awesome for potential applicants who are constantly on the go, but it’s also extra important for passive leads who are trying to quietly hunt for jobs on their lunch breaks.

Feature #2 — Compelling value prop

With awesomely compelling copywriting, who could resist Waitr’s call to “Be part of greatness”?

(And can we talk about the amazing tagline, “It’s an adventure — with a paycheck”?) When we’re talking about employer branding, that includes the words you use to describe your company and culture, so make it compelling.

Benefit: Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker for a minute. If you’ve been disillusioned with the job hunting process (or with work itself), how would feel after stumbling upon a career site like this one? The chance to work for a company that’s this lit up by mission is too good to resist.

Feature #3 — Location map

Growth is important. According to a 2016 Gallup report, 59% of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them when applying for a job. And one way to demonstrate the potential for growth is to physically lay it out in a map. Waitr’s career page shows a map of the US, plus a list of all their markets underneath it.

Benefit: Potential applicants can see that there’s plenty of room for advancement, maybe even in another city!

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