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May 14, 2018

Breezy + Indeed Assessments: Helping Companies Reduce Bias in Hiring

indeed assessments

A data-driven hiring approach will help your organization win the battle for top talent against your talent competitors. That’s why Breezy is partnering with Indeed Assessments, a candidate screening platform in which candidates have taken over 2.4 million candidate assessments.

So what does the integration mean for you?

Trying to get to the best applicants as quickly as possible can be tough — but not with Indeed Assessments. From the Indeed Assessments platform, you have the opportunity to create an assessment package tailored to the exact job for which you are hiring. When you navigate back to Breezy, you’ll be able to select that assessment package and either send to individual candidates or push out the assessment automatically when a candidate hits a predefined stage. As the candidates take the assessments, you will see their scores populate in Breezy and can return to Indeed Assessments at indeed.com/assessments for additional details, if needed. In these simple steps, you’ll be able to view the most qualified people for your jobs so you have more successful interview processes.

breezy indeed assessments integration

Talk to the best candidates faster

There’s almost nothing more disappointing in the recruiting process than reaching out to a seemingly perfect candidate and finding out you missed your window — they’re far along with another company. Indeed Assessments lets you see your candidates in action quickly so you can figure out who makes a great match for the role right away and move them along in the process.

Objective screening, data-driven evaluation

Even with the proper precautions, hiring bias can still occur. Luckily, it’s nearly effortless with the Breezy and Indeed Assessments partnership. By working with these two platforms together, you can bring a data-driven approach to your screening process. These tools will help remove bias and ensure your candidate evaluations are consistent across the board.

Custom and prebuilt screening tools

Sometimes you know exactly what you need in your candidate screening evaluation, and other times you could use a bit of guidance on the requirements. That’s why Breezy’s partnership with Indeed Assessments unlocks access to a library of over 50 expertly designed, prebuilt assessments, or you can customize your own to bring the right talent forward.

breezy + indeed assessements


Breezy’s integration with Indeed Assessments makes it possible for you to move your candidates along the hiring process with confidence. Whether you’re hiring for hourly or salaried positions, you’ll be able to identify and connect with the best talent faster thanks to this partnership.

How to opt into the Indeed integration

Ready to get Indeed Assessments connected to Breezy? Head over to this help article.

Have other questions? Just shoot us an email to success@breezyhr.com.