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May 16, 2018

Put GDPR Compliance on Auto-Pilot with the Breezy Compliance Kit

gdpr compliance

The GDPR Compliance deadline is next week. 😱 Are you ready?

At Breezy, we definitely are. We’ve always been about adding value to our customers by simplifying the complicated; so GDPR definitely fits the bill.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of the Breezy GDPR Compliance Kit. A suite of GDPR features & automations designed to simplify the process of staying fully compliant.

breezy gdpr features

We’ve made our GDPR kit available to all subscription levels at no extra cost!

GDPR Compliance Kit Overview

Automate the consent collection and refreshing

We’re providing a super flexible set of options for automatically (or manually) requesting consent and legitimate interest from both future and existing candidates.

breezy automating consent gdpr

We also offer a set of simple GDPR reporting & notifications tools to help your team stay on top of candidate consent status.

Easily give notice of your processing activities for applying candidates, even when they’re coming from 3rd party job boards

Add required consent fields to your application form that link directly to your Privacy Notice.

privacy notice gdpr

And while most ATS don’t support requiring consent from 3rd party job boards, we’ve got your covered. No matter how or where a candidate applies, we’ll take care of consent.

Custom tailor GDPR communication to all types of candidates, Applied, Sourced, Referred and more

Using the same consent template for all candidates isn’t the right approach. With Breezy, you can personalize your GDPR message templates based for different types of new & existing candidates and how they were added.

breezy gdpr message template

Use those templates for automated & manual messaging.

Clear, timely notice of your company data processing activity

We’ve made it simple for you to add and share your Recruitment Privacy Notice with candidates at just the right time.

privacy notice gdpr

You can add your own, or use our provided template as the basis for one.

Respond to Candidate Data Requests

As we all know, as part of GDPR, candidates are allowed to request a copy of their data. No problem. Well with a couple of clicks, we’ll bundle up the information and documents they’ve provided and share them via email.

breezy candidate data requests

Save time with bulk GDPR actions & reporting

You’ll find new GDPR search options to help you stay on top of GDPR consent requirements. Use them to target candidates who require action like responding to Candidate Data Requests or Requesting Consent in bulk.

breezy gdpr actions and reporting


As you can see, we’ve been hard at work and when it comes to GDPR, we think our Compliance Kit is going to make staying in compliance a lot simpler for everyone involved.

So for existing customers, you can find our GDPR Features in your Company Settings and you can learn more about how to use them in our GDPR Resource.

If you aren’t a customer yet and you’re looking for a better way to manage GDPR compliance as well as your recruiting process, we’d love to talk.