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March 11, 2019

Ready for a Revamp? Here's How to Hire Like the Best in 2019

revamp your hiring

We've seen some big changes to the HR landscape. Now that 2019 is officially in swing, it’s time for hiring managers to step up their game. Here are some smart and simple tips to start hiring like a top-shelf employer brand.

Faced with a tightening talent market and lightning-fast changes in the workplace, today's hiring teams need to be ready to play bigger.

Priorities like hiring for culture add and giving candidates a voice are now dominating the HR agenda. And as we heard time and time again last year, if you want to win in today's candidate-driven job market, it's adapt or die.

Well, not literally. But with talent supply at its lowest and attrition rates at their highest, how you hire matters like never before.

Check out these simple tips for hyper-efficient hiring in 2019. Which one will you try first?

Eliminate the fluff

According to executive coach and workforce development guru Arlene Donovan one of the biggest evolutions in recruitment this year will be the end of the resume—along with a whole lot of other stuff we just plain do not need.

“The continuous advancements in technology coupled with the need to go green will eliminate the paper resume in the application process of tomorrow,” she says. And some of the best employer brands have already taken note.

In 2017, Home Depot accelerated its application process by 80% to quickly fill more than 80,000 positions. Thanks to a simple smartphone app, candidates spend less than 15 minutes interviewing for a job. But this isn't just about the latest tech and apps. Home Depot succeeded in doing something we should all prioritize: ruthlessly eliminate the fluff.

But Home Depot's efficiency addicts didn’t stop there. In 2018, they introduced a smartphone tool allowing applicants to self-schedule in-person interviews. (Because honestly, group email chains are so 2016. 🙄)

Start your hiring revamp by first pinpointing the bottlenecks in your process. Knowing where they are and why they're there is the first, most crucial step in finding a better way forward.

Pivot your perks

Tech startup Trello faced a real talent dilemma when one of their best developers was forced to relocate for personal reasons. Trello had to make a tough call. They could either stick to the rules or create a new one to embrace remote working options for everyone. In an epic lemons-to-lemonade type of pivot, more than 60% of Trello’s employees now use the company’s remote work perk.

Not only that, the idea of impactful yet flexible work is now synonymous with Trello's overarching brand. 👌🏽

It's 2019, people. Isn't it time we finally stand up and tell candidates exactly who we are? Whether it's a high-demand perk like remote working or a classic benefit like solid healthcare coverage, the link between your offer and your brand should be clear for all to see.

Use tech for good

Speaking of remote work, video interviewing will be hot this year. 🔥

And despite the deserved skepticism, tech is great when you use it right. Using video to bring a little humanity back into the world of hiring is a just cause, not to mention a fast way to get insight into a candidate's personality and communication skills.

Take Hilton’s approach for example. By introducing video interviews into their daily operations, the global hotel brand reduced hiring time from 42 days to 5. Plus, video proved to be a better way to leverage their talent pool across the organization.

Talk about a win-win. When you use tech with the unwavering intention of doing the right thing for candidates, you can't lose. On the flip side, if you jump at every trend that comes at you this year, you'll find yourself with more hiring fluff than you can handle.

Whether it's video, AI or SMS—why you're using a tool always matters more than the tool itself.

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Now more than ever, the struggle for great talent is real. But with a few simple tactics, you can secure the people you need to make big things happen.