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How Docebo Manages Hyper-Growth

When Francesca Bossi needed to scale recruiting for Docebo's global LMS, she didn't search high and low for the perfect recruiting software. Breezy was her choice to attract & hire exceptional employees the world over.

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Customized, global hiring as a team

“We are a global company, our customers are all over the world,” explains Francesca Bossi, HR Manager for Docebo, a SaaS Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training used by companies in more than 80 countries. “We need to hire exceptional people that can understand how best to serve them.”

Docebo finds, vets, and hires these exceptional people through a carefully crafted, entirely custom interviewing process. Bossi, who joined the team in 2010, moved into her HR role a few years later thinking she would manage that whole process by email and spreadsheets …before becoming overwhelmed.

“Within a few months of {Bossi's move to HR}, we knew we needed to start hiring faster,” Bossi said. “At first, I thought it was going to go smoothly, it was okay. But with more hire requests, many more people needed to get involved. And then we knew we needed a real hiring solution.”

Convinced that Docebo’s rapid growth would continue, Bossi and Docebo founder & CEO Claudio Erba tentatively researched a few hiring solutions. But then they heard from Breezy founder & CEO, Darren Bounds.

“Darren introduced himself and Breezy to Claudio, and we knew immediately,” Bossi recalled. “Even though it was a very early version of the software, we saw the potential, and we knew it would be a good fit.”

Breezy is incredibly easy to use and customize, I do not have to spend very much showing other people how to use it. The whole process works very well for us.

From manual recruiting to a well-oiled machine … in no time flat

First up on Bossi's list was creating an impressive Career Portal to serve Docebo’s wide base of interested applicants. Thankfully, that didn't take Bossi long at all, “you just insert the color code and the background of your website and it's there. And it looks beautiful.”

“Breezy was very intuitive to use,” Bossi said. “I think we were up and running in a few hours.”

Docebo's grown 158% since adopting Breezy in 2015, averaging four new hires a month. The drag and drop pipeline – a visual dashboard of your hiring that triggers helpful automations when moving candidates between stages – is Docebo’s favorite feature. The pipeline helps Docebo manage their open positions in a snap, while sharing all of the hiring information with relevant stakeholders instantly.

“Having different people that can work with the positions - team member, team leader, hiring manager - just to watch the position or job post itself for different levels of activities. This is very helpful.”

Bossi's quick to note that they could have continued hiring people the old way, but she doesn’t believe the team had the bandwidth to make this an efficient or effective approach.

“It would have just taken so much more time,” she shared. “And when we have to hire someone, we have to hire someone -we can't use a lack of time as an excuse if we need to fill a position.

“Now, we have all of the information we need in one tool. We don't have to keep sending and then checking emails and CVs, or scheduling calls. When anyone on the team needs to know how things are going, they go straight into Breezy to find out.”

When anyone on the team needs to know how things are going, they go straight into Breezy to find out.

Both people and processes feel right at home

But it's not just about the at-a-glance, visual, drag and drop pipeline, which Bossi says has saved her countless hours in screening alone.

It's the customization that really suits Docebo's style.

“Everyone goes through an initial structured interview with me. Then we move them into calls with the hiring team.” After that, they may come onsite to meet with Docebo's C-level executives, or they may meet with another manager.

Each position is a little different, and involves different people. According to Bossi, creating these different pipelines and hiring teams in Breezy as simple as it is functional.

As Docebo continues to grow, the company will rely on Breezy’s flexible recruiting optimization to keep finding and hiring awesome people to represent them wherever they go.

“I keep Breezy open all day long!” Bossi laughs. “This has really, really been the best tool for us. I don't think we will ever leave it.”

Breezy is incredibly easy to use and customize. I do not have to spend very much showing other people how to use it. The whole process works very well for us.

About Docebo

Established in 2005, Docebo is a SaaS Learning Management System (LMS) used for corporate training in more than 80 countries. Docebo offers a learning ecosystem for companies and their employees, partners and customers that is designed improve performance and increase learning engagement.

A unique learner-centric technology, the Docebo LMS is embraced for its ease of use and ability to blend coaching with social and formal learning. The company currently has more than 100 employees spread across its offices in Italy, the US, Canada and the UAE, and continues to hire and expand rapidly.