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Like most tech startups, Sarah Corboliou and her hiring team at Unito needed a fast, agile approach to hit their goal of doubling their headcount.

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Double in size, without selling your soul.

As the Employee Success lead at Unito, Sarah Corboliou has juuust a few things on her plate.

"Part of my job is recruitment but I also do HR, all the bookkeeping, finance and office management. Basically, I take care of everything that's not related to the product."

Whew! Like most tech startups, Sarah and her hiring team needed a fast, agile approach to hit their goal of doubling their headcount. But with a hiring strategy that centers on diversity and a BS-free candidate experience (via an in-person hiring pilot project), there were plenty of important boxes to tick.

Candidates get to come into the office and work with us on their pilot. No one in the office changes their behavior; they're exposed to our real work culture. And the contributions they make are the same things they'll be working on if they get hired.

Sarah needed an applicant tracking system (ATS) that would help her maintain the integrity of her hiring process, while saving her time and showing the doubters the real value of hiring automation.

"People in the industry are like 'That pilot project is never gonna work, it's never gonna scale.' But we keep telling people that we've been doing this right from the start. Our CEO even did this with our co-founders. And we do it with suppliers, too. If we wanted to change lawyers, the lawyer would have to go through a pilot project."

Sandwiched between a growth opportunity on one side and a firm commitment to candidates on the other, Sarah created a streamlined hiring strategy to strike the right balance.

An ATS that automates without dehumanizing.

Sarah knew that once the rest of the team got a taste of a more efficient hiring process, they'd be hooked. And as it turns out, she was right.

Now that we use Breezy, hiring takes us way less time. The fact that we were scheduling everything manually is just crazy. I know recruitment pros who spend 60% of their time scheduling and rescheduling interviews.

And for a jill-of-all-trades like Sarah, time is everything.

"The fact that we have scheduling links now is super cool. We were using Calendly before but you had to set up two tools instead of one. There are scheduling links for every possible interview team we could have. It's so much better."

With Breezy, Sarah saves a ton of time on endless group emails or posting and reposting job ads.

"Having to repost stuff over and over again is so annoying. I love that Breezy posts automatically to all the job boards. "

But perhaps the biggest benefit was simply keeping track of all the candidates so that Sarah could free up her mental bandwidth for her many other projects.

I'm sure if I didn't have an ATS I would forget about some candidates. You know how it is with email. You open it, look at it, then forget about it. But when I go back to Breezy, they're right there.

Less repetition, more strategy.

Despite initial fears about over-automating the candidate experience, it's now clear that all that time-intensive manual work was leaving candidates with the wrong impression. Now, it's super simple to get back to everyone.

"If you've ever been on the candidate side, you know that 90% of your applications go unanswered. It's ridiculous. With an ATS, it's so easy to give everyone an answer. If they're not right for the position, they'll receive a templated email and at least they know what's going on."

Instead of spending her days on the time-sucking, repetitive tasks, Sarah can now focus on improving her hiring strategy.

"I love the email automation, questionnaires and scheduling links. Breezy has probably saved me hours per week. We add in all the applications on Breezy and then we set up a whole pipeline that's as automated as possible."

By using Breezy to help automate the applicant selection, pipeline management and communication process, Sarah is able to connect with the hiring team about the things that really matter.

"The one thing we're super proud of is that our first hire was a woman and a developer. "We really want to emphasize diversity in our hiring... to make it intentional, not coincidental."

These days, Sarah's working with her founding and hiring teams to optimize their hiring process in line with the same principles they started with from day one.

"Culture is one of the things that makes people want to work at Unito and stay at Unito."