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Compare and qualify candidates, faster.

With Breezy’s streamlined screening process, you and your team can review more applicants in less time.

Candidate Management

Power up your pipeline.

Give your team a bird’s eye view of the candidates for each position, with intuitive ways to view, manage, and communicate with them.

Drag & drop pipelines

It’s the most user-friendly candidate management tool you’ll ever meet.

Customize pipeline stages to match your ideal hiring process. Then, organize candidates in stages with a simple drag and drop.

You'll know exactly where things are at a glance.

kanban visual of a drag and drop interface within Breezy HR

Rich candidate profiles

Find everything you need to know about your candidates in one clean, actionable view —  from resumes and social accounts to team notes and message history. From here, it’s one click to:

  • Send an email or text message
  • Schedule an interview
  • Discuss the candidate with your team
  • Complete or review candidate scorecards
  • Send or review an assessment, background check, or offer
Visual of Breezy HR Candidate Profile show a resume and team conversations

Seamless SMS & email

Meet candidates where they are, with feature-rich text messaging and email built right into Breezy. Streamlined access to your candidates’ full conversation history, wherever it’s happening, means fewer crossed wires and more crossed finished lines.

Example of a Breezy HR candidate conversation in a text message.

Stay in sync, in Slack

If you use Slack, you're going to love our Slack integration. Get the updates you need, where you really need them. Plus, respond to common hiring tasks in Breezy without ever leaving Slack.

A visual of a Breezy conversation and notification within slack

Automated Workflows

Save time with automations.

Leave repetitive work behind and avoid unnecessary meetings, lengthy email chains, and more.

Stage Actions

Stage actions help you automate everything from sending messages, questionnaires, and assessments to capturing team feedback and scheduling interviews.

a visual of the flow of stage action automations within breezy hr

Touchless pre-screening

Your applications become active screening tools with our custom questionnaires. Breezy will automatically advance (or disqualify) candidates based on their answers, so you can spend less time on the latest, and more time on the greatest.

A sample of a pre-screening questionnaire within Breezy HR

Seamless calendar integration

Life is so much easier when you have all your calendar info in one place. Our integrations with Google and Outlook calendars keep everything in sync. 👌

Company logos for Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365

Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse candidates, inclusive process.

Make your diversity and inclusion efforts count. Our Incognito Apply and Match Score features, along with the best DEI-focused job sites, make it easier for you to fill your funnel with more diverse candidates, right from the start.

We've also got you covered with EEOC & OFCCP forms and reporting.

different diverse headshots with a sample of EEOC options within Breezy HR

Incognito Apply

Beat bias to the punch and make sure every candidate gets a fair shake the second they enter your pipeline with Breezy’s Incognito Apply, which instantly removes gender, age, and ethnicity from applicant profiles.

Bias doesn't stand a fighting chance.

A cloud in disguise looking at a list of applicants

Candidate Match Score

For instantly prioritized candidates that save your team time & help you reach out to the cream of the crop faster than ever, check out Breezy's AI-powered Candidate Match Score. Instantly, hiring teams can automatically see a clearly prioritized and bias-free list of best-fit applicants for their open roles.

Guesswork and grunt work? Begone!

Candidate Match Score

Custom Candidate Scorecards

Use custom scorecards to help your team review applicants objectively. Hiring managers can compare candidates in a clean, apples-to-apples format, with less room for bias.

a visual of a candidates team scorecard with ratings

Collaborative Hiring

Make better hiring decisions, together.

Hiring is a team sport. Discuss candidates and collect feedback in one central place for better, faster hires.

Shared hiring conversations

Keep everyone up to date on candidates moving through your pipeline. Compare notes, create to-dos, and discuss candidates with the hiring team, right inside Breezy.

Visual of a candidate conversation with Breezy HR

Video screening

Qualify your candidates by meeting them face-to-face, right from their application. With Breezy’s one-way video responses, candidates record answers to screening questions at their convenience, so your team can review them at yours.

A video response to a questionnaire sent to a candidate within Breezy HR

Interview Tools

Lead more productive interviews.

With Breezy, everyone on the team can host effortless, informative interviews that engage your candidates.

Streamlined team scheduling

Simplify scheduling for the whole hiring team with a side-by-side view of interviewers’ availability. Just drag and drop interviews into open time slots and you're all set.

Their availability is integrated with their existing Google or Outlook calendar so everything is always in sync. 👌

calendar view showing availability of interviewees

Self-scheduling for candidates

Spend less time emailing and more time interviewing. Invite candidates to schedule at their convenience, based on your team’s availability, and improve time-to-hire metrics.

visuals of choosing a date and time of an interview by a candidate

Video interviewing

Take charge of every interview — from anywhere. Breezy’s native video interviews automatically display candidate resumes, scorecards, and real-time notes right on screen, and recordings save to the candidate profile for easy review. Already love your video solution? Us too! We integrate with Indeed Interviews, MS Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom ❤️.

indeed - Logo Mark


Microsoft Teams Logo

MS Teams

Google Meet Logo

Google Meet

Zoom Logo


Illustration of six people all on a video call

Structured interviews, simplified

Help your hiring team gather structured, unbiased feedback — while keeping things human. Custom interview guides tell each interviewer exactly what to ask in every single interview.

interview guides for different positions that show the desired process of a particular interview

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