Use these questions to find A+ part-time candidates for your company.

Why focus on part-time interview questions

Part-time = less than 40 hours per week. 

You need to hire these awesome, adaptable employees for: 

  • Seasonal needs and peak demand
  • Trial periods to figure out if they’re a good fit before offering full-time employment
  • Shift work
  • Specific projects

Part-time role interview questions

  • What’s your availability and how flexible are you?
  • Would you consider working full-time in the future?
  • What drew you to this role and what are your long term goals?
  • What would you do if your shift ended and your colleague who works the next shift hadn’t arrived yet?
  • What would you do if your colleague who worked the previous shift hadn’t finished up?
  • How do you handle stress? Give an example.

How to ace part-time role interviews

  • Know the law: Be prepared for interviews by checking in with local labor laws around part-time employment—they probably differ to full-time workers. 
  • Don’t overburden them: Part-time employees shouldn’t be expected to work at a full-time level. Only give them the info they need. 
  • Be clear: Right from the job ad, let candidates know you’re looking for part-time employees. Include knockout questions on your job application forms or during screening to pinpoint potential deal breakers early on.

Candidates to avoid

  • They’re unavailable: If you’re advertising for shift work, candidates need to be available. 
  • They’re after full-time employment: Some candidates see part-time as a stepping stone to full-time. Be transparent and hire people who want what you’re offering.
  • They’re a bad culture fit: Part-time employees are part of the team. They need to get your company and want to contribute to your overall goals. 

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Start optimizing your recruiting process today.

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