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February 7, 2018

Breezy + HackerRank: A Better Way to Evaluate & Hire Tech Talent

breezy and hackerrank

Software engineering roles are some of the most challenging to fill and one of the most significant causes is evaluating the candidates.

The process often involves a lot of time and expense, requiring your existing software engineers get involved earlier in the hiring process to vet your increasingly large pool of candidates.


HackerRank solves this challenge with its skills-based technical skills assessment platform enabling your team to objectively assess candidates’ proficiency across multiple skill sets in over 30 programming languages, without ever lifting a finger. 💥

Combined with the power of Breezy automated Stage-Actions, what you end up with is a hyper-efficient engine for evaluating & hiring the best tech talent in the least amount of time. Who doesn’t want that? Answer: No one

Interested? Of course, you are. Okay, well our HackerRank integration is available to our Business and Pro plans beginning today.

Ready to get HackerRank connected to Breezy? Head over to this help article. If aren’t on a Business or Pro plan, but interested in our HackerRank integration just shoot us an email to success@breezyhr.com.

To learn more about the HackerRank and why coding challenges are an important part of your hiring process, check out HackerRank for Work.