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July 28, 2022

How Human-Centered AI Can Help Find Your Next Diamond Candidate

Two people one with a brain and one with computer networks

AI in recruiting can be a controversial topic. And rightfully so. No one wants robots weeding out stellar candidates for the wrong reasons… 🤖

But what if we told you AI could actually help you screen the right people in?

Yep, you heard us. While it may sound a little sci-fi, utilizing the right kind of AI in your recruitment process can help you cut down on applicant screening time, reduce hiring bias and spend more time on the important stuff — like building real relationships with candidates.

At Breezy, we believe that when used responsibly, AI can help employers humanize the hiring process. With Breezy’s AI-powered Candidate Match Score, you can spend less time sifting through mountains of resumes and more time getting to know your best-fit candidates. 

Read on to find out more about the new recruitment feature everyone's buzzing about!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • A faster way to screen the right candidates in
  • How does it work?
  • Find your next diamond candidate with Breezy

A faster way to screen the right candidates in

We've talked before about the future of talent acquisition and how important a talent acquisition process is for growing employers. 

By creating an active talent sourcing plan, you can reduce your time to hire and fill positions in a snap. And by nurturing candidate relationships throughout the hiring process, you can easily build a pipeline of engaged candidates ready to work right when you need them. 

But without strong communication, responsiveness, and relationship-centered recruiting, candidates are more likely to skip out than stick around. ☹️

And therein lies the problem. 

With hundreds of incoming applicants and a million other tasks to juggle, how can hiring managers know which candidates to prioritize?

If you’re a Breezy user, you already know the power of an applicant tracking system to help your business recruit better. And faster. And stronger. 💪🏻

And if you’re new here, cloud-based recruiting software like Breezy simply means that your hard work and data are stored remotely and securely, helping you ditch the spreadsheets and stay current. (And because you can access it from any device, you don’t have to stress about losing your data if you spill a venti caramel macchiato all over the keyboard. Nothing to see here…)

But even with strong automation tools to help you quickly get to know candidates via custom questionnaires, video answers and team scorecards — screening incoming applicants is still one of the most time consuming parts of the recruiting process.

Now with the help of AI technology, recruiting teams can use their recruiting tools to cut down on the guesswork and spend more time actually getting to know the best-fit candidates in their talent pipeline. 

But wait, how much AI is too much AI?

Many HR professionals agree that AI recruitment software is changing the game, making smart talent acquisition a reality for employers of every size. 

In fact, data shows that 80% of recruiters believe artificial intelligence can enhance productivity and performance by focusing less on manual tasks and more on people, but only 10% of businesses are currently using AI in HR. 🤯.

No matter what, we know you don’t want to nix the human in human resources.

At Breezy, we’re realistic about the challenges but optimistic about the benefits of artificial intelligence. The way we see it, while AI in applicant screening can save hiring teams a ton of time, humans still need to stay behind the wheel.

To make AI a strategic differentiator (and not just another thing we’ve outsourced to robots), it needs to be both easy-to-use and flexible enough to cater to the uniqueness of each employer, role, and applicant — all while keeping hiring bias out of the picture.  

Once your AI has recommended which applicants to move forward, hiring managers can take time to get to know them better. They can spend more time with potential hires face-to-face to assess culture add, get a better idea of how a candidate fits into the workplace, and make the transition from recruitment to onboarding that much smoother.

AI makes this type of proactive hiring possible, allowing you to devote more time to engaging candidates and improving your quality of hire … instead of going cross-eyed reading resumes. 😵

If you want to leverage AI in the recruiting process — without losing the human touch — Breezy is here to help! Read on to learn how our Candidate Match Score can help make proactive and human-centered hiring a reality.

Alright, so how does it work?

Now that you know how human-centered AI can make your life easier, you’re probably wondering how this stuff actually works. 

Here’s how Breezy’s Candidate Match Score makes the screening process easier on both sides of the hiring fence.

1. Know which candidates to review first

As soon as a candidate applies, the AI will compare their resume with your job posting

From there, the AI will assign the Candidate Match Score using a scale of 0 to 10 to indicate how well a candidate lines up with your open role.

2. You decide what makes a candidate great

Using simple weighting adjustments, you can decide what factors are most important for the AI to look at.

You can assign custom weightings to a variety of applicant qualifications, such as work history, skills, and education. 

Looking to plug a particularly painful skills gap? Simply drag the skills lever up! Not too bothered about where a candidate got their degree? Go ahead and drag the education lever down. 

With the flexibility to control which qualifications the AI prioritizes, you (the human!) stay firmly in the hiring driver’s seat.

3. See your best-fit candidates in a glance! 🎉

Once the AI has worked its magic, the Match Score will be added directly to a candidate’s profile so you can easily see which candidates to review first.

Just imagine glancing at a pipeline of 200+ applicants and seeing a Match Score of 9 assigned to the top 10 candidates. If you’ve only got an hour or two that day to work on recruitment tasks, now you’ll know with 100% certainty that it was time well-spent! 👍🏻

From there, Breezy makes it easy to get to know candidates even better by allowing you to instantly contact candidates, send questionnaires, advance candidates to the interview stage, or compare candidates using a centralized team scorecard.

You can even opt to do this in bulk or on an individual 1:1 basis with each of your best-fit candidates.

Sounds great, but what about hiring bias?

Our AI understands applicants as humans with complex lives and career paths — not just a string of empty keywords. 

Candidate Match Score will instantly surface top-talent candidates that could be the best fit for open roles — regardless of the candidate’s race, gender, sexual orientation, age or other diverse characteristics.

Scoring is fully transparent and broken down by category and datapoint, giving your HR teams total access to the AI engine’s decision making process.

Last but not least, Breezy’s Candidate Match Score is a human controllable engine, meaning you get the final say. 

Don't like the system’s matches? Change them! Just tell the engine what attributes or categories are important to you moving forward.

Find your next diamond candidate with Breezy 💎

While AI should never take the wheel of your recruitment strategy completely, it can help you free up more time to really get to know your best candidates.

How many more connections could you make if you could save hours each week screening applicants? How much more confident would you be knowing there was less bias in your hiring process? How much better would your candidates feel if you got back to them in five minutes instead of five days? 

Remember, AI is another tool in your recruiting toolbox — not an absolute decision-maker. But by using AI as a crucial time-saving tool rather than the end-all-be-all of your hiring process, you can hone in on the best-fit candidates and devote more time to stocking your talent acquisition pipeline with talented candidates.

At Breezy, we believe hiring should be a deeply human process. When used responsibly, AI can help free hiring managers of the repetitive tasks that keep them from spending more time getting to know candidates as people. Whether it’s coordinating candidate interviews or immediately posting open positions to the top job boards, Breezy helps you find your next diamond candidate without the gruntwork.

Better hiring starts now. Check it out for yourself with a free 14-day trial!