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April 24, 2017

Upgraded Document Signing is Here

breezy esignatures

New eSignature templates mean less data entry, more accuracy, and more efficiency

When you’ve finally found that one-in-a-million candidate, you want to get their Offer out quickly, but you can’t afford to sacrifice precision or their so-far-so-fabulous candidate experience.

Candidates are finicky creatures — are you expecting them jump through a bunch of document-signing hoops (“Just download this here browser extension … wait, you don’t have that browser?”), or — gasp — print out the precious docs and scan them back to you?

No, of course you don’t.

You also don’t expect your current employees to meticulously configure each and every field for each and every W4, or NDA, or 40-page File Packet for each and every new teammate that comes on board — that’s, like, dozens of fields of data entry when they have a dozen more things to do (that are all a dozen times more difficult).

Now with Breezy’s upgraded Document Signing, it’s simpler, faster, and easier for both candidates and your team to just let Breezy handle the eSigs.

You can upload your standard company Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), drag and drop in the fields that require candidate input once, then save it for the whole team to share.

breezy esignatures

If you’re feeling extra-productive, add that document template to a simple email template.

Then, the next time you need a candidate to sign and submit their NDA, it’s literally two clicks away.

For more about the ins-and-outs of creating document templates (and email templates, for that matter), head to the Breezy resource page Candidate Document eSigning.

If you’re not sure your team needs Document Signing, here’s five questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you want to make it easier for candidates to sign and submit documents?

Hey, maybe you already have an eSignature solution that your candidates rave about. No harm, no foul — carry on to the next question!

But, if you’ve ever gotten a confused email back from a candidate (“Wasn’t I supposed to sign something?” or “Whatever you sent keeps giving me error messages…” or “I can print and send this back to you in a few days…”) you should check out Breezy’s Document Signing.

So your replies can sound more like, “That was easy! What’s next?”

2. Do you manually configure document fields for more than, say, 10 candidates?

We can see how configuring for one or two candidates a month — for one or two documents — isn’t so bad. A necessary evil, right?

But once you start moving into double digit candidates, and then adding multiple documents to each of them, your recruiters are now spending their valuable time on data entry … when they should be out scouting more future teammates.

(Side note: They’ll LOVE you for this).

3. Would you like your team to have access to standardized, accurate forms to send?

Rules change, but legally binding documents are forever. When you let Breezy keep your company’s candidate documents in one organized place, you reduce the risk associated with a team member accidentally sending last quarter’s version of the Packet. Or forgetting to get an initial signature on page 12.

And we keep all of your completed documents signed, safe, and secure inside Breezy, attached right to the Candidate Profile.

To get started with your own eSignature document templates, head to your gear icon for the Settings in-app, and then hit the Email Templates section.

If you need some help, we’re only a chat message away, or here’s that resource again.

This eSigning update only the tip of the iceberg — see all the ways that Breezy HR can help you modernize your recruiting process.