Want a Better Experience for Candidates? First, Humanize Your Hiring Workflow.

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How can you possibly deliver a stellar experience for candidates if your recruitment tools are making life hell for your hiring team?

These days everyone and their next door neighbor is talking about the importance of a great candidate experience. Inquiring HR pros want to know: How can we show more appreciation for our candidates? How can we align our hiring practices with our core beliefs? How can we humanize the recruitment process?

Well, for starters, maybe you could help your current team break free of the painstaking tediousness of group email chains and clunky Excel spreadsheets? 🤷🏽

In an age where robots regularly operate motor vehicles and write articles for the NY Times, you’d think more companies would have an organized system for making smarter hiring decisions. Well, guess what?

Too many teams are still using blunt instruments to make their hiring calls. (That’s IF they even manage to get everyone on the same page.)

This has to stop.

How can you possibly deliver a stellar experience for candidates if your current recruitment tools are making life hell for your hiring team?

A better workflow means better hires

The average knowledge worker spends 25% of their time searching for information and most employees waste up to 40% of the workday on emails, meetings and admin.

When it comes to making a decision on who to hire and when, everyone should know what’s up in real time. Instead of sending hundreds of messages via Slack, email, and who knows what else, use an ATS that enables your team to easily swap notes on candidates at every stage in the hiring process.

In Breezy, we integrate with Slack and email (after all, old habits die hard) and use social-media style @-mentions to help you and your team discuss candidates in a clear and transparent way. And because all the feedback, meetings and candidate convos are recorded in real time, you never have to worry about taking a day off. If a member of your team needs the info, they know just where to find it.

We also use custom scorecards to help you compare candidate ratings from different interviewers, while rooting out bias from your hiring process. (Because there’s nothing worse than an awkward face-to-face with that one founding member who probably isn’t sexist.) 🤦

At the end of the day, people make better decisions when they’re not stressed out and bogged down by bureaucratic processes and paperwork. And when those decisions are about your biggest business assets (your people!), it’s crucial to make a clear-headed call.

Take care of your hiring team first, and they’ll do the same for your candidates.

Ready to step up your game? It’s time.

Stop wasting time and energy (and great candidate leads!) with a sloppy recruitment system.

When your hiring workflow is on point, it’s so much easier to put the pieces together. You can see who the best candidates are and why, using the right info from the right people. (No inbox digging required.)

Go head and call us biased, but we genuinely believe automation is here to make life easier and more human — both for candidates and recruiters. With the right tool, you can source candidates, schedule interviews, check references, and STILL make it home on time for dinner with your family. 🙌

As for the candidates, giving them a faster answer will automatically put you far above the competition. With the right ATS, you can easily set up your autoresponder to thank them for submitting an application or send them a candidate experience survey to get more info on how to do even better next time.

See? Win-win.

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