Martin Marlatto



Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina
Information Technology & Services

Hire quality remote candidates, fast.

  • 100 – applicants per week
  • 2 – member hiring team
  • 0 – interviews wasted


Find superstar remote talent ASAP

Martin Marlatto and Alejandro Stábile are a dream team who always aim for the top.

Together, they’re responsible for hiring an army of remote-working tech pros to help skyrocket MAvha’s (and their clients') growth.

“The software services demands and needs from clients to companies like ours has grown a lot so if we want to grow our business, we need to hire more people. Hiring new people, good people, faster, has become more and more critical.” 

As the company went up a gear to meet growing client demand, they started receiving around 100 applications a week. Martin and Alejandro knew they needed a major system-revamp to help them stay ahead of the game. 

“We needed to have a very solid recruitment process to get the best talent as fast as possible, to answer the client needs—because if we can get the right talent quickly, we have more chances to win the opportunity.”

So, they started their search for an ATS that would fulfill all their needs—and went global on their search.

Martin and Alejandro knew they needed a tool that stood above the rest and fit into their budget. 

"We evaluated two or three solutions from the US, plus a recent solution here in Argentina. We found that there are other good applications on the market but they are very expensive and it was impossible for our budget."


Handle applicants with the click of a button

When Martin and Alejandro discovered Breezy, they knew the fit was right.

“Suddenly Breezy appears and we started to evaluate the future. We read about Breezy, we decided to start the trial, we used the free option then quickly upgraded. Breezy has a great balance between cost and rewards.”

But of course, for a company with super-fast growth plans, the features of the product were just as important as the cost. Finally, they had found an ATS that could do everything they needed in the click of a button.

“The ability to have in one place all of the features and activities you need in the recruitment process is really important to us. With Breezy, we can publish the opportunity, receive the application, evaluate, communicate with the candidates, follow the process as reports, also then when you finish the evaluation you have a pool of candidates ready to hire. Breezy has everything, plus integration… you have everything you need, and it's very simple too.”

But for Martin and Alejandro, it wasn’t just about their own experience—they wanted to make sure they had a pro candidate journey too.

"Before using Breezy we hired using the solution that LinkedIn provides, when you post a job or opportunity. At the beginning that was okay but the features were very few, so we started to realize we needed something else—we needed a platform that allowed us to do the process faster but also in a more formal way."


A simple workflow. Faster results.

For MAvha, the road to the top is all about simplicity. And when it comes to hiring, that means a super-streamlined process.

“There’s a theory that says… three clicks is good, two clicks is great and one click is awesome. With Breezy you can send an email through in the same window that you are working in [in just] one click. I just love that because our time is valuableso we need to set things up very quickly.” 

With Breezy, Martin and Alejandro found they could do everything they needed for the recruitment process—all in one tool. That made sifting through 100+ applications a week super easy.

“I use Breezy a lot, maybe for the entire process, and I like that you can integrate a lot of tools… We can set up measures with reports and you have another model, which is the talent search, we have the pools, the positions, the candidates. You have all this stuff in just one window which is cool.”

As a successful software development staffing company, Martin and Alejandro know their industry is set for long-term growth—but with Breezy on their side, they’re confident they can handle anything that comes their way.

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