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Customizations like multiple pipelines with unique phases and on-the-fly template editing are key to Nando’s recruiting process, requiring a recruiting solution as nimble as their recruiting style.

Jackie Phillipson
Jackie Phillipson

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Nando’s Peri-Peri is the fast-casual restaurant known for infusing vibrant South African heart (and ridiculously delicious chicken) into more than 1,000 cities and towns worldwide, with 40-plus North American restaurants ranging from Annapolis to Alberta and more.

With an ever-expanding map of restaurants comes a never-ending need for the right people at their core – dedicated, roll-up-your-sleeves types with easy smiles and plenty of passion. That’s where Jackie Phillipson, Talent Manager for Nando’s Peri-Peri, has her hands full. While template-based recruiting works for a lot of companies, Jackie’s search for central support at Nando’s goes way beyond your basic outreach and follow-up.

Custom Solutions for a Custom Process

While template-based recruiting works for a lot of companies, Jackie’s search for central support at Nando’s goes way beyond your basic outreach and follow-up.

Our process is so candidate-driven that I have to be able to make my template say what I want it to say – really make it specific to the candidate. I can’t send them a pre-written template that’s very impersonal and that I can’t adjust on a whim.

With fierce competition for talent across the board, Jackie says her unique, personalized recruitment process is her competitive advantage for talent. Finding a recruiting solution that was equal to that recruiting process? One that let Jackie be Jackie (and Nando’s be Nando’s!), without forcing her to hack together a solution? Now that was going to be a challenge.

And then there were the pipeline problems – it’s not like any off-the-shelf applicant tracking system was going to come with a pipeline stage for something Nando’s-specific, like trial shifts.

But that was exactly the kind of flexibility Jackie’s team at Nando’s needed. And that’s how she found Breezy.

We were using a product that didn’t allow us to make the process the way we wanted it to be … and then with the other systems’ products that we’ve used, sure they create templates, but to be able to edit them you have to reach out to tech support, you have to request to change a template.

Simple setup for immediate results

Jackie was up and running with Breezy in under an hour, creating a Nando’s Central Positions Career Portal (complete with video!), posting to free job boards and deciding which to pay premiums for on a role-by-role basis.

As the candidates rolled in, Jackie created the multiple, customizable talent pipelines that were key to her recruiting success with Breezy.

She quickly picked up on the value of sharing Breezy with an unlimited number of people on her team, as well – selectively adding teammates as admins or members to the appropriate pipelines when she needed them was another big win that came with Breezy handling the process.

The Bottom Line: For Jackie’s thorough, high-touch talent management process to be a success – and, indeed, for Nando’s to continue to find central talent that embodies their core values of Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity, and Family – Breezy serves as an all-in-one recruiting solution that lets Jackie easily recruit and hire her way.