Candidate Email, SMS & Scheduling

Win back your day with automated candidate emails, SMS messages, scheduling, and interview management. Discover the mix of automation and customization that gives you time for real, quality conversations with candidates.

Candidate Messaging

Fire off rich-text email & SMS messages to candidates right from their profile, the Breezy Inbox, or from your favorite email client.

Breezy keeps all your conversations up-to-date and available to your hiring team, so anyone can get up to speed at a moment’s notice with a peek through the candidate’s profile.

Read-receipts let you know when your candidate has read your last emails, so you can plan accordingly.


Automated & Bulk Communication

Create email & SMS templates and questionnaires that fit your brand and tone, then personalize them with all the details you’d expect from actual, human communication.

Breezy Stage Actions will send your templated emails & SMS messages – individually or in bulk – automagically as you (or your teammates!) move candidates through your pipeline.

Bulk Actions
Interview Scheduling


Interview Scheduling

Eliminate the backward back-and forth of scheduling with you candidate – just send them your available times, right from your integrated Calendar client, and let them choose what works.

Team interview time? Have a conversation about it, in real time, where everyone can check their calendars and you’re only a couple clicks from sending times to the candidate.


Live Video Meetings

Whether you're hiring remotely, not ready for the onsite, or always on the go, Breezy's integrated video meetings get everyone on the same page … err, the same screen … when the time is right.

Oh, and we keep the Candidate Profile and Interview Guide on-screen for you, as well. Just in case!

No third-party software. No candidate registration. Just the face-to-face communication you're looking for.

Live Video Meetings
Nurture Campaigns



Automated Nurture Campaigns

Nurture candidate relationships at every stage of the recruitment funnel, and throughout every step of the candidates journey, without ever lifting a finger.


Google & Office 365 Integration

We don’t mind if you use your favorite email and calendar clients. Breezy’s got seamless integration with the Google Apps suite, Outlook, and Office 365.

So each member of your team can manage their email & calendar and just the way they want, without losing a drop of functionality.

Google App & Office 365

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