Use icebreaker questions to instantly warm up your interviews with candidates and help them feel more comfortable.

Why icebreaker interview questions are key to an awesome interview

Icebreaker questions help you rock the interview right from the start.  

They help candidates settle in and create a relaxed space for them to open up in. 

Icebreaker interview questions

  • Did you get here ok? Do you know the area well?
  • Have you been to our company before/been a customer here? How was your experience?
  • Where did you hear about this position? Do you know anyone who works here?
  • Why did you apply for this role?
  • How has your candidate experience been so far? Was the job application easy enough? How was your email/phone convo with our hiring team?
  • Why did you choose this career?
  • How did you choose what to study?
  • Did you ever picture yourself in this position?
  • What did you want to do when you were younger?
  • What’s the most awesome thing about your current job that you hope you get here too?

Icebreaker questions that work

  • Group interviews: Ask your team and candidates to introduce themselves.
  • Video interviews: Your remote candidate could be anywhere in the world. Check in about the weather, the time of day or anything you know about where they are. Ask if they’ve ever visited your own location. 
  • First onsite interviews: Ask if they found your office okay, how they like your workspace or if they have any previous experience with your company.
  • Second or third-round interviews: Test your memory and check in about something they mentioned in previous interview rounds.

Icebreaker questions to avoid

  • Weird questions: These could throw candidates off and make them nervous, so avoid asking them “What’s your favourite food?”
  • Over-personal questions: Remember you don’t know this person or what their home-life is like. Be respectful, don’t pry.
  • Abrupt questions: Ask soft questions like “Why did you choose to apply?” before jumping in with questions about salary.
  • Difficult questions: Avoid stress and start with easy questions. Leave harder ones for later when they’ve had time to settle in.

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