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If you run a small business, you probably have a hundred things to do besides hiring. Breezy can help!
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Time for a Vacation Policy Makeover? 5 Flexible Employee Vacay Options for Small Businesses

Fair vacation policies are more important than ever. Here’s how to uplevel your small business vacation policy so that it works for you and your employees.

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Remote vs. Hybrid: What’s the Right Return-to-Work Plan for Your Small Business?

From hybrid working to fully remote teams, today’s working landscape is changing fast. But which return to work plan is the best option for your small business?

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The Minimum Wage Debate: 4 HR Experts Weigh In

The minimum wage debate has taken center stage in recent months, but what does it mean for small businesses balancing tight margins? We asked leading HR experts to share their thoughts.

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From Crisis to Crunch Point: A Look at the New Era of Hospitality Hiring — Interview with Megan Johantgen

The hospitality industry is facing its biggest hiring crisis in recent history. We check in with a longtime industry expert to find out what’s really going on.

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Demystifying Comp: Employee Compensation and Pay Structure Strategies for Small and Growing Businesses

Understanding employee compensation is a highly necessary (and undervalued) part of HR. Here’s how to create a comp strategy that works.

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How to Create a Burnout-Free Hiring Process (Even in a Small Hiring Team)

Burnout is an everyday problem for HR, recruitment and hiring managers in smaller businesses. Here’s how to build a stress-free hiring process that leads to better quality hires.

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Why Burnout Is Kryptonite for Employee Productivity (+ What Small Businesses Can Do about It)

Employee burnout is an everyday problem that affects health, productivity and revenue. Here’s the lowdown on how burnout works and how you can get ahead of it.

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10 Small-to-Mid Size Employer Brands that Punch Above Their Weight

Need to build an employer brand that won’t break the budget? Check out these 10 award-winning SMBs for some serious HR inspo.

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