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December 6, 2021

Need Quality Hires, Fast? Here’s How a Smart ATS Can Help Your Small Business

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Our good friends at Dollar Flight Club didn’t always believe an applicant tracking system (ATS) could solve their hiring problems. In fact, it wasn’t until they became inundated with recruitment-related tasks that they finally decided to give it a chance.

Guess what? They’ve been smashing their hiring goals ever since.

We’ll get back to the killer hiring team at Dollar Flight Club in a minute. But first, let’s take a moment to recognize that with a staggering 91% of small business owners reporting few or no qualified applicants for their recent open positions — the time is ripe for business owners to explore new hiring strategies.

And it’s not about finding a system that brings just any candidate through the door. It’s about establishing a recruitment process that reflects who you are as a company, helps you attract the best talent in the market, and does it in the fastest, most efficient way possible so you can get back to growing your business.

This is exactly where an ATS comes in. And in this article, we will show you how a smart ATS like Breezy can help you get your next set of superstar employees without having to break the bank or wait a gazillion years until the right person magically appears at your doorstep. 🦄 

Ready for a whole new world of hiring? Let’s get started.

A centralized hiring system that grows with you

With the right applicant tracking system (or ATS as they’re commonly referred to in HR circles), you can finally drop the paperwork and close all those tabs. Now, all your hiring needs can be handled from one place. 

For the 10-person team at super successful travel startup, Dollar Flight Club (DFC), staying on top of incoming applicants was time-consuming work. Like his other team members, Director of Sales and Partnerships, Kyle Maltz, wears many hats — and recruitment is just one of them.

As a big believer in using tools to streamline processes, it wasn’t long before Kyle realized posting on LinkedIn and asking candidates to email him wasn’t going to cut it.

“We would just put something on LinkedIn usually and just kind of network. And for the most part, it was just like apply to an email… a quick ‘Why do you want to do this?’ and then we’d go through the candidates… Putting stuff on LinkedIn and getting them to email me is not efficient. It destroys your inbox and you regret doing it quickly.”

So Kyle and the DFC team decided to hone in on finding the right recruitment and hiring tool to help attract better candidates, while saving precious time.

“It saves at least a few days. I would say at the very least, we're not talking hours for sure with us… Like being able to [turn around 498 candidates] in five days, efficiently. I don't think that's a story you’re going to hear often. It’s definitely not a story you’re going to hear from people without a tool to help them do it.”

A centralized system transformed hiring for the Dollar Flight Club team. Here’s how it can help you too.

First, say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and cluttered Kanban boards with Breezy’s customizable drag and drop pipelines. In a glance, you can see exactly where your candidates are, while keeping everyone on your hiring team fully up-to-date. 

Here’s how to create a new pipeline in Breezy:

  • Click the gear icon in the left sidebar ⚙️.
  • Hover over Recruiting Preferences and click Pipeline Stages.
  • Click + Position Pipeline.
  • Give your new pipeline a name and click + Stage to add as many stages as you'd like.

Next, use Stage Actions to set up automations for when a candidate moves to a new stage in your pipeline. 

You can automate things like:

  • Candidate emails, SMS, and interview scheduling
  • Additional assessments and questionnaires
  • Background screening kick off

Finally, you can really go the extra mile by integrating all your favorite tools like Zapier, Checkr, Gmail, and more to make it easy to keep track of all things hiring from one central place.

In Breezy, hiring teams can easily update, add, and remove information such as contact info, social media links, and how the candidate was sourced by clicking straight into the Details section on a candidate’s profile.

Access the best talent in a few clicks

For Martin Marlatto and Alejandro Stábile, the dynamic duo running the small and scrappy hiring operation at MAvha, it became clear they needed a better recruitment system once they started getting 100+ applications every week.

Their company was growing so fast and because their revenue relies on having people who can fill open positions, finding the right candidates as fast as possible was crucial.

We needed to have a very solid recruitment process to get the best talent as fast as possible, to answer the client needs—because if we can get the right talent quickly, we have more chances to win the opportunity.

Hiring with Breezy made it easy for them to find and communicate with candidates in just a few clicks. Before long, Martin and Alejandro knew thay had found the perfect tool for their growing business. 

There’s a theory that says… three clicks is good, two clicks is great and one click is awesome. With Breezy you can send an email through in the same window that you are working in [in just] one click. I just love that because our time is valuable—so we need to set things up very quickly.

Here’s how Breezy can help you access the best talent fast:

  • No more manual job ad posting. Automatically post job ads to 50+ free job boards in a simple click of a button.
  • Increase employee referrals. The jury is out on employee-referred candidates.They get hired faster and stay with your company longer. With Breezy, you can have a referral Employee Portal up and running in no time.
  • Convert your website and career page visitors to candidates with Breezy’s AI-assisted chatbot Hello 👋 Messenger.
  • Not ready to hire yet? Set up a candidate Nurture Campaign to engage incoming candidates and keep them in the loop on your future open roles.
Hello Messenger window
With Breezy’s friendly chatbot, Hello Messenger, you can recruit candidates while you sleep! Any info from the candidate gets instantly added to their profile, and they’ll receive a brief follow-up message to let them know they’ll be contacted by your team.

Streamline your screening and interviewing process

In today’s tight talent market, hiring is absolutely a two-way street. 

Little things like a badly designed career page, late responses, or ghosting your candidates completely (yes, it happens), can cost you the best applicants.

For Karim El Naggar, the CEO of Nucamp, a coding startup that offers online and hybrid bootcamps in 170+ cities across the US, the challenge was to find a recruitment tool that could help the company hire at scale, without cutting corners on high-quality candidates.

Luckily, Karim found Breezy. With a recruiting and hiring system that struck just the right balance between automation and candidate engagement, the Nucamp team was able to screen 2,000+ applicants and schedule 300 interviews within a short period of time.

Thanks to Breezy’s automated questionnaires, screening and sorting incoming applications now takes significantly less time for the Nucamp team. Stage Actions also helps them make sure every applicant receives a confirmation and thank you email.

The questionnaire is an important step for us because it weeds out candidates that aren’t really serious, not willing to invest any time in the process, and are just sending resumes.

Despite the fact that the Nucamp team is hiring candidates from multiple time zones all over the globe, scheduling interviews isn’t a hassle. With simple to use Scheduling Links, the Nucamp team sets up candidate interviews in no time. 

And because a seamless candidate experience is serious biz for Nucamp, they use Nurture Campaigns to keep in touch with rejected candidates on future open roles and also remind qualified candidates to take the next step.

The process is highly efficient with Breezy. It only takes a few minutes to screen candidates and get them to the interview stage.

Here’s how Breezy can help you streamline your hiring like Nucamp:

  • Automatically qualify candidates with Breezy’s pre-screening questionnaires
  • Send candidate emails right from their profile, via the Breezy inbox, or your favorite email client.
  • Check all your interviewers’ availability in one neat-and-tidy dashboard and drag and drop interviews into available time slots. (Yep, it’s that easy!)
  • Offer qualified candidates the chance to interview at their convenience with Breezy’s self-scheduling links.
  • Lead better video interviews. By keeping all your candidate’s info on the same screen during a video interview, your hiring team can beat Zoom fatigue and keep the conversation focused.

Breezy makes it easy to check team members’ calendars when scheduling an interview. Just click Availability next to Interviewers to find a time that works for everyone!

Easily make decisions with candidate scorecards

Even for a small team, it’s crucial to get input from other team members when searching for your next top-performer.

Breezy’s scorecards allow your hiring team to give their two-cents on a candidate, making it easier than ever to get aligned on who will be the best fit.

According to Karim El Haggar, scorecards play a vital role in Nucamp’s hiring process. And thanks to Breezy’s intuitive layout, Nucamp’s team members can collaborate and make decisions faster.

The ability to look at all the emails, scorecards, discussion threads with your team members, and just move the candidate from one stage to the other all in a simple screen—it’s really powerful.

Here’s how Breezy’s scorecards can help you make faster (and better) hiring decisions:

  • No hemming. No hawing. Let your hiring team rate candidates based on a point score system with Breezy’s scorecards.
  • Create fully customizable scorecards that match the open role’s KPIs so your hiring team will know exactly what to look out for. 
  • Assign scorecards to a role so they appear on the profile of each candidate applying for that open position.
  • Ask interviewers to access the scorecard from the ‘Scorecards’ tab of a candidate’s profile during video calls to help make sure they give their feedback immediately after the interview.
  • Carry out a side-by-side comparison of candidates’ ratings with your hiring team. Here’s how to access the scorecards in Breezy:
  1. Open the candidate’s profile.
  2. Click the More dropdown near the top-left corner of the window.
  3. Click Team Scorecards.
Completing a candidate scorecard

Get top-quality hires fast with a smart ATS

As a growing business, you know the quality of your hires can make all the difference. 

With so much to do and so little time, you can’t afford to continue using an inefficient time-sucking hiring system that doesn’t give you the best results. 

The hiring crunch is not going to magically disappear, but you can rethink your current hiring practices and come up with a new game plan that empowers your business to face your recruitment challenges full throttle.

To accelerate your hiring process and your business growth, switch to Breezy HR — the super efficient ATS that makes it easy for you to find the best talent and scale on your terms.