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October 11, 2016

Applicant Tracking System Checklist — Crucial Features of Your Next ATS

Breezy HR

In the HR tech world, we’ve run across two main camps of recruiters and employees who hire:

  1. Those that that been fumbling around in a legacy ATS for the last five or ten years, and
  2. Those who read that sentence like, “A what? An ATS? Apartment Therapy Session? Agile Training Support?”

That’s applicant tracking system, for the record .

To the beleaguered HR Managers and seasoned recruiters of the world, watching the newest recruiting and hiring tools gain mass adoption through ease of use and simple, online interfaces is only a little bit gratifying,

that was easy
“Sure, anybody can recruit when the platform makes it that easy. You should have seen it in my day, kids.”

(Ahem, 2012)

To the startup founders, the design leads, the marketing managers and the department heads facing their first few rounds of hiring, an applicant tracking system isn’t even in their vocabulary,

“Isn’t there something better than Google Sheets for this? Where’s the app for managing my hiring process?!”

No matter which camp you belong to, you’re going to want to decide which ATS features will be the most valuable for you — your team, your business, your clients.

While we’d love it if you graded Breezy on how cool our features are and the awesomeness of our people (very awesome), we would much rather ensure that you get an ATS that allows you to recruit and hire the way you want to.

With that in mind, here’s a free, no strings attached downloadable PDF of applicant tracking system features for you consider while you’re making decisions about the best solution for you and your team.

applicant tracking system checklist

Here’s a link to open the ATS features list in Google Sheets. To edit the list for maximum efficiency — e.g., copy/pasting the features most valuable to your team at the top, or blacking out integrations you wouldn’t use — head to File –> Make a Copy to add it to your own Google Drive.