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January 23, 2018

Breezy + Checkr = Faster, Automated Background Screening

breezy and checkr

Today we’re excited to announce Breezy and Checkr have partnered to further reduce your time-to-hire with faster, more automated background screening.

Screening candidates and compliance aren’t exactly topping the list of celebrated stages in the recruiting process — while sourcing is flashy, and interviews are juicy, running candidates through a background check can seem like a necessary evil. Breezy’s gotten together with Checkr to help change the face of that, and provide a simpler & more automated path to your best hires yet.

breezy background checks

By directly integrating the two platforms, customers are able to seamlessly complete all stages of the hiring process without leaving Breezy and in many cases without ever lifting a finger. Check out our top 5 reasons to get started using Breezy + Checkr below.

Top 5 reasons to use Breezy and Checkr

  • Automation. Breezy Stage-Actions allow you to automatically initiate compliant background screenings the moment a candidate moves to the appropriate stage. Then based on the results, kick off another fully automated follow-up process.
  • Speed. As a technology-first company, Checkr is 35% faster than the industry standard for background checks.
  • Candidate Experience. You’ve already provided a great candidate experience with Breezy, keep the momentum going with Checkr. Mobile-friendly consent and screening allows candidates to submit their background check information at any time.
  • Compliance. Hiring is complicated. There are many regulations on how you hire, what questions you can or can’t ask, and more. Background checks are even more rigid in their regulations. Governed by the FCRA, FTC, CFPB, and state or city laws, it can be confusing to know what is allowed. Breezy and Checkr ensure that you stay compliant throughout every stage.
  • Accuracy. With advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Checkr produces the industry’s most accurate background reports. Checkr’s dispute rates are 10 times lower than the industry average.

Darren Bounds, Founder & CEO at Breezy HR, says of the partnership,

“At Breezy, nothing is more important than helping companies implement the most efficient, easy-to-use hiring process possible. With Checkr, we’ve found a like minded partner who’s helping us push the bar even further. We’re excited to be working with them.”

Want to see the nitty-gritty of the integration? Check out our Resources Documentation for the complete how-to!