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Finding candidates that are just as passionate as you are isn't always easy. See how Julie Zollo from Elevation Church is using Breezy to do just that.

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Find the perfect-fit applicant tracking system

Julie Zollo is a people pro who never settles for second best.

As the Staffing Director for Elevation Church, she's responsible for keeping all 17 locations armed with great talent.

With a weekly attendance rate of 25,000, the organization's staffing needs were growing like crazy. Julie knew she needed a smart system to help her keep up.

"We were using a really simple document system to manage applicants. But as more hiring managers got involved, we realized we needed a system that would give us better collaboration tools and a better way to organize everything."

So, she buckled down and did her research. Julie looked at applicant tracking systems of all shapes and sizes."We were looking at all types of solutions—solutions that were expensive, solutions that were cost-effective, all types. But no matter where we looked, it seemed like we couldn't quite land the features we wanted."

Julie knew she needed a tool that would help her team offer an unforgettable candidate experience, without using up their precious bandwidth.

Winning for us means we're able to find people who are just as passionate about our mission as we are and are willing to run just as hard and fast as we do. Which of course, is not always easy to find.

One place for all things hiring

When Julie stumbled upon Breezy, she felt she had finally found the tool she'd been looking for.

"I had done a lot of research but for the first time, I had finally found a solution that was always improving and adding features. That's what really drew me to Breezy because we're the same way. We're always improving and innovating in our space. It's something that's very important to us and we like to work with companies that have the same passion for continuous innovation and improvement."

For Julie, the company behind the product was important. But the product itself was just as crucial. Finally, Julie had found an ATS that was as easy to use as her favorite app.

"I also liked that Breezy felt like a startup. The interface was clean and inviting. It was a user-friendly experience and because we spend a lot of time in our applicant tracking system, we want to make sure we enjoy it."

Julie knows all too well new tech can be a major headache to roll out. But with Breezy, she was surprised to find that the implementation process was way easier than expected.

"Every time you roll out a new system, there can be some resistance. But getting set up with Breezy was surprisingly easy. I think that's because Breezy's interface makes it feel totally doable. The @mentions feel like social media, things we already use in our everyday life. Adoption wasn't an issue because it felt like a natural rhythm for us. Of course, it also helped that people realized that now we finally had a central place where nothing would get lost."

But Julie wanted to make sure the experience would be just as awesome for her candidates.

"Before Breezy, we were using Skype and it was always a little clunky for the candidate. Now we're able to simply send them a video interview link that goes straight into their calendar and is auto-populated with all the instructions. It makes us feel like we're giving the candidate a professional experience, and one where they feel well cared for. It was also important for us to be able to record those video interviews within the app itself and from what I'd seen, no other system besides Breezy offered that."

I also liked that Breezy felt like a startup. The interface was clean and inviting. It was a user-friendly experience and because we spend a lot of time in our applicant tracking system, we want to make sure we enjoy it.

A faster path to quality hires

According to Julie, great hiring is all about quality. Breezy's intuitive layout has made it easy for everyone to get a better view of what's happening in the hiring process.

"We're OK with waiting on candidates if it means we're able to find the right fit for our organization. We explain exactly what we're looking for. We write our job descriptions around that and we set up a custom application in Breezy that will help us filter for that. Plus, we're able to use the logic that Breezy gives us to filter candidates quickly."

With Breezy, Julie was able to customize her entire recruitment process around her core metric of quality hire. From there, it was easy to optimize her hiring workflows and cut down on the time and effort involved.

The amount of time that we're able to turn candidates around has also been faster because of the ease of collaboration that's now happening. We were looking for a system that was completely customizable and Breezy gave us that.

Julie and her three-person team of staffing aces are committed to hiring rockstars while keeping their workflows as agile as possible, even in the face of massive growth.

"There's only three of us on the staffing team and last year we saw over 4,000 applications come through. We're a non-profit and we have a responsibility to be lean. For us, it was crucial to choose a system that would keep our staff as lean and effective as possible. And there's no way we'd be able to handle it all without a solution that's as quick and agile as Breezy.