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Grow fast, cut no corners

Knock is growing...and fast.

The home trade-in platform (founded by the rockstar team behind Trulia 😍) first launched in Atlanta in the summer of 2015. With plans to open in 10 new markets by the end of 2020, Knock's hiring needs are MASSIVE.

In case you don't already know, Knock’s home trade-in program is the go-to solution for people who want to move to a new home, but don't have the cash to buy one before their old home sells. They help you find your new home, buy it outright on your behalf, and even move you in before selling your old home on the open market.

The switch is as pain-free as possible (did we mention they also help repair your old place?). All you need to do is settle up at closing. 👍🏽

Knock solves a huge pain point for would-be homebuyers. Still, moving house is no easy task. Knock needs a team of driven, empathetic doers. People who know how to get customers in a new home fast, but who also know when to stop and listen.

And they aren't willing to settle.

“Volume is the main challenge for us and it’s a good challenge to have, but it’s also time-consuming.”

Better hires in less time

That's where Terra Soloski comes in.

As Knock's Head of Talent, Terra fits the company's value of "Impact" (a.k.a. "Get important shit done!") to a t. Terra's not only responsible for getting Knockstars it needs to make an impact in 10 new markets, she's also charged with the task of finding the fearless yet compassionate talent the Knock's employer brand is known for. (You know, POPSICLE people.) 🍡

"Volume is the main challenge for us and it’s a good challenge to have, but it’s also time-consuming," says Terra. A champagne trouble indeed. But one that needs solving all the same.

According to Terra, Breezy definitely helps her win back her time. "If I had to screen and look at every application we receive, so about 30 for every open position, and we have 8 open positions per week, that’s 4 hours a week. That’s a lot if you ask me!"

By the end of 2018, Terra and her hiring team will have listed 100 jobs total, all with Breezy. "One of the things we love about Breezy is the questionnaire. Being able to ask questions during the application process to better understand a potential candidate’s skill set helps us screen them in rather than out. It’s hard to do that using most tech, which is designed to screen candidates out. Now we can screen for what we want," she says.

“We want every single application to be touched.”

No bull and NO black holes

Terra uses Breezy to put the application process on autopilot, while still delivering the kind of stellar experience candidates in the competitive real estate and tech spaces have come to expect.

"I have triggers set up where candidates automatically go into a Recruiter list and get automatically booked into my Calendly." After that, Terra uses Breezy's smart stage actions to identify potential candidates and move them through the process more quickly, without ever forgetting to pause and say, "Thanks."

The way Terra sees it, "We want every single application to be touched. We have automatic emails going out to let them know their application has been received and we get a lot of ‘thank you’s’ in response to that."

“I like to centralize everything in Breezy because if I’m unavailable, I want everyone to find the information they need.”

A Wow-worthy candidate experience

A hiring process that makes recruiters and applicants happy? Yes, please. 👌

"Being able to show our respect through an immediate response is impactful and surprising. We want them to say, 'Wow. I’ve never seen that before!'", explains Terra. She and the team at Knock are serious about showing up for their people, even those that aren't officially on board yet.

We couldn't agree more. Hiring magic almost always starts at "Wow."

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