Change Management

Discover how candidates adapt to change and behave in dynamic environments with these sample change management interview questions.

Why change management is key

Successful businesses know change is inevitable. 

From new product launches to competition shifts, successful employees need to manage change like a pro.  

Not only do senior-level employees need to be adaptable, they also need to:

  • Know change is necessary: Whatever biz you’re in, change is gonna come.
  • Be prepared: Measurable action plans are the way forward. They need to know the benefits of 1:1 meetings, employee feedback and evaluation.
  • Be resistance ready: Candidates need to be prepared to convince reluctant managers to take new steps and embrace new systems.
  • Improve outdated systems: You’re looking for someone who will aim for the skies and isn’t afraid of change. 

These awesome change management interview questions will help pick out the superstar candidates at navigating change in any situation.

Change management interview questions

  • Do you know the Change Management process? How would you ask your managers to make a change using the 7 Rs? 
  • How do you approach the tricky task of asking team members to immediately alter a process?
  • Can you tell us about a time when you struggled to persuade your team? What happened?
  • If your sales numbers drop and you want to try some cool new ways to advertise, how would you share your ideas with your team? What info would you include?
  • How do you measure the results of your changes? Give an example.
  • What are your key metrics to assess risk?
  • Why do people resist change? How can you ensure transparency?
  • How would you handle it if your manager asked you to implement a different way of working but didn’t explain why?
  • What info is key to ensuring projects go to plan and are measured correctly?
  • How do you react to a “this is how we do things” response to a request for change?
  • How would you tell your team something they don’t want to hear?

Candidates to look for

  • New hires need to hit the ground running. Candidates who have a fast onboarding record are likely to find superstar status fast.
  • Listen to what the candidate asks you for clues to their openness to change. Questions around how you work and what the role includes = they’re ready to take on a new job.
  • If you’re hiring for a senior-level role, listen out for candidates experienced in improving company operations...
  • ...Also, strategic vision is a must to notice the need for change before it becomes urgent.
  • Decision-making skills are key. The right candidate should be able to analyze pros and cons and think logically.

Candidate to avoid

  • Candidates with poor communication skills. Change management is all about frequent and transparent comms so they can effectively collaborate with coworkers.
  • Arrogant candidates are a big no-no. Change Management needs constant self-improvement. Arrogance = resistance to new ideas. 
  • Candidates who underestimate performance metrics. Revising processes is all about measuring results. 
  • Candidates who are reactive over proactive. Look for people who can recognize future risks and opportunities and proactively suggest adjustments.
  • Poor leadership and low confidence candidates are less likely to gain trust. Managers need to be confident and prepared to battle resistance. 
  • Bad team players may disrupt a team or cause tension. For a dynamic workplace, hire employees who value collaboration and great relationships.

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