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About the Telecommunications Specialist position

We are looking for a skilled Telecommunications Specialist who will help us constructing٫ installing٫ monitoring٫ repairing and maintaining communications systems and equipment.

You should possess in-depth knowledge of telephone and data cables٫ wiring٫ circuits٫ digital computers and all related systems and devices.


Telecommunications Specialist responsibilities are:

  • Monitor and test systems and peripheral equipment and troubleshoot problems
  • Supervise and manage telecommunications systems and provide technical advice to personnel
  • Collect feedback٫ identify users’ needs and requirements and mobilize existing technology to meet their criteria
  • Prepare documentation for plans٫ requests٫ activities and specifications
  • Prepare reports on your activities٫ on a regular basis
  • Coordinate telecommunications activities and perform staff training as assigned
  • Develop features٫ design networks and systems and allocate resources as necessary
  • Evaluate systems performance level and improve capabilities as needed
  • Purchase electronic equipment and prepare budgetary justifications
  • Ensure the compliance with industry’s standards and best practices


Telecommunications Specialist requirements are:

  • 3+ years' experience of working on a Telecommunications Specialist position
  • Profound experience with all telecommunications systems including peripheral equipment٫ including computer networks٫ optical fiber٫ on site controllers٫ data modems٫ terminals and so on
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and databases
  • Good interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Good team player and customer service skills
  • BS degree in Computer Science٫ Telecommunications or other relevant area

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