Post-Interview Rejection Feedback Email Template

Giving all candidates feedback is a great way to improve the experience, even for candidates who won’t be making it to the next stage.

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You may choose to send interview feedback to candidates who reached the final stages of the hiring process, but were not offered the job. It can also be helpful to send feedback to inexperienced entry-level candidates and encourage them to apply to future roles.

Sample email post-interview rejection feedback 

Subject Line: Your application to [Company_name] for the [Job_title] position

Hi [Candidate_Name],

Thank you for taking the time to apply to [Company_name]. 

Unfortunately, we are moving forward with a different candidate for the [Job_title] position.

Although the team was impressed with your [e.g. communication skills / experience / knowledge], we are looking for someone who [e.g. has more experience in X / can take full responsibility for our sales goals / has a deeper understanding of JIRA.]

We will keep your resume on file for future openings that might be a good fit.

Thanks again for your interest in [Company_name].

Kind regards,

[Your name]


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