HR Consultant Salary Overview

The US average salary for an HR consultant is $67,356 per year. Glassdoor’s self-reported salary is around $60,757, while Payscale indicates a slightly higher average of $73,955. The top 10 percent of HR consultants are paid more than $110,000, while the lowest 10 percent earns less than $49,000. HR consultants should also factor in additional bonuses offered in some firms.

How much do HR consultants get paid?

HR Consultant Pay Scale

What is the career outlook for an HR Consultant? 

HR consultants with less than five years of experience earn $66,000 on average, and after 20 years they can be paid up to $88,000 on average. HR consultants are encouraged to invest in continued education in order to further their careers and stay relevant in the industry.  

HR Consultants typically report to Lead Consultants within a consultancy firm and can advance into leadership roles within a few years of experience, taking into account continued education and certifications. In other organizations, they may advance to the position of HR Manager or HR Director. 

What are the top-paying cities for HR Assistants? 

The top five top industries for HR assistant position to earn the most are (BLS):

  • Los Angeles: $96,553
  • San Francisco: $93,273
  • Houston: $75,543
  • New York: $73,697
  • Minneapolis: $73,697

HR Consultant Job Description 

The HR consultant job assistants company and organization leaders in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring top candidates. They also advise HR leaders when making crucial decisions and implementing HR initiatives - which may include organizational development, compensation, and benefits or talent management. 

Top Interview Questions for HR Consultants

The right questions will help land the most qualified candidates in the hot seat during the hiring process. These are our top picks.

  • How do you stay current with changes in labor regulations? 
  • If a client asked you to propose some IT solutions for HR operations, how would you approach the solution?
  • Tell us about a time when a project didn’t go according to plan. What did that teach you?

Top HR Consultant Skills & Qualifications

Typically HR consultants have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and often in business-related fields such as business admin, finance, and business operations. Some college programs offer internships, but often HR consultants start in the field as HR assistants, managers, or directors before moving into a consultancy role. HR consultants are not only good at HR management, and know the ins and outs of the business, but they are also excellent at sales.  

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