HR Director Salary Overview

An HR Director’s salary average is $85,145 per year. Glassdoor indicated the self-reported average as $82,068, while reports an average of $88,221. Around ten-percent of HR, Directors are paid up to $55,000 annually, with the maximum salary exceeding $136,000.

How much does the director of human resources make?

HR Director Pay Scale

What’s the career outlook for an HR Director?

Entry-level HR Directors are paid $65,000 on average. Senior HR directors with more than 20 years of experience earn a salary of up to $100,000.

HR managers or Senior HR managers typically get promoted to HR director. From this role, they may advance to Human resources SVP or Chief Human Resources Officer. HR directors most commonly report directly to the CEO, but this varies within an organization.

What cities pay HR Directors the best?

  • San Francisco: $113,168
  • New York: $110,026
  • Boston: $110,145
  • Seattle: $106,819
  • Washington: $103,088

HR Director Job Description 

HR Directors oversee all HR systems, and bridge employee relations with business strategy. The HR Director ensures regulation compliance, manages budgets and assesses hiring needs. They may also be involve with the design and rollout of training programs, continuing education programs, and compensation plans.

Top Interview Questions for HR Directors

The right questions will help land the most qualified candidates in the hot seat during the hiring process. These are our top picks.

  • How do HR needs within a company influence your strategic planning?
  • Tell us about a time you developed a new policy. What was your strategy and how did you put it into practice?
  • How do you stay in compliance with current employment laws?

Skills & Qualifications

An HR director role requires a bachelor’s degree or higher, and preferably in the field of business admin, HR, or some other business function. Legal backgrounds are also a plus! 

HR director qualifications vary between organizations, but these pros have polished communication, organization, and leadership skills along with a solid work history. 


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