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Recruiter Average Salary

A recruiter earns around $49,703 per year. Payscale.com reports the US national average for recruiters at $50,092, while Glassdoor shows self-reporting of $49,315. The top ten percent of recruiters earn around $77,000, while the bottom ten percent earn $35,000 or less.

How much does a recruiter make in a year?

Recruiter Pay Scale

What’s the career outlook for a Recruiter?

At the entry level, recruiters earn an average salary of $49,000, while those with 20 years of experience earn $65,000. 

Recruiters typically report to HR Managers, HR Business Partners, Talent Specialists, or Senior Recruiters. The typical promotion track is into a Senior Recruiter role, while some advance into HR management. Recruiters don’t typically have supervisory roles and focus mainly on bringing the right talent into an organization. 

What cities pay Recruiters the best? 

  • San Francisco: $73,585
  • Seattle: $60,669
  • New York: $57,855
  • Washington: $57,543
  • Boston: $57,543

Recruiter Job Description 

A Recruiter attracts the best candidates for open positions within organizations. They are tasked to assess relevant skills, knowledge, and experience in order to facilitate the hiring process. They essentially act as an advocate for new employees by helping them find the right position within a company. Recruiter duties may extend from sourcing candidates to negotiating terms of employment. 

Top Recruiters Skills & Qualifications

The best recruiters have solid soft skills, like strong communication, ability to read body language, and are excellent listeners. They also nail down their networking strategies, are excellent at sales, and are critical thinkers. 

Typically recruiters have a bachelor’s degree or higher in business or HR-related field and have some level of work experience prior to being hired- whether it was an internship program at a college or an entry-level HR position. 

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