Talent Acquisition Manager Salary Overview

A Talent Acquisition (TA) Manager earns an average of $66,652 annually. Payscale.com reports an average salary of $56,216, while Glassdor’s self-reporting salary of $77,089. The bottom ten percent earn an average of $46,500, and the top ten percent earn $112,000 or more.

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How much does a talent acquisition manager earn?

Talent Acquisition Manager Pay Scale

What is the career outlook for a TA Manager? 

A first-year TA Managers can expect to earn $46,000. Within 20 years, this position earns around $71,000. TA managers have positions within an HR department and report to a Director of Talent/HR or a VP of Talent Acquisition/HR. The career path usually advances into directorial roles within an organization. 

What cities pay TA Managers the best? 

  • Houston: $93,957
  • San Francisco: $89,528
  • New York: $81,760
  • Seattle: $81,001
  • Atlanta: $80,000

TA Manager Job Description 

The Talent Acquisition Manager scouts out the best candidates for positions within a company, and is responsible for filling roles with new hires or promoting from within. 

They also take on the job of employee relations, ensuring staff is happy in their current role. The look for talent in social media, job boards, and other online databases. 

TA Manager skills and qualifications

Talent acquisition managers need excellent interpersonal skills since they are on the frontlines of recruiting and hiring. They are top-notch when it comes to managing staff, and are excellent strategic planners, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. 

TA managers typically require a Bachelor’s degree in HR, business admin, or another relevant field, and experience in recruiting or other HR roles. 

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