VP of Human Resources (HR) Average Salary

A VP of Human Resources earns an average of $141,359 per year. Payscale.com indicates an average salary of $137,116, while Glassdoor’s self-reported salary is $145,602. The top ten percent earn around $195,000, while the bottom ten percent earn around $87,000.

How much does a vice president of human resources make?

Vice President of Human Resources Pay Scale

What is the career outlook for a VP of Human Resources?

Newly appointed VPs of HR earn an average salary of $80,000 in their first year. More experience translates in significant rises to $117,000 after five years of experience, and with more than 20 years at $200,000.

A VP of HR thrives in the IT industry where they may report to a Chief HR Officer or directly to the CEO. They can be promoted from the position of HR Director, HR Consultant or HR Manager. They are top executives of the HR department with all HR personnel reporting directly or indirectly to them.

VP of Human Resources job description

The VP of HR runs a tight ship because they are responsible for ensuring smooth and profitable operations within an organization’s HR department. They oversee management, and consult with them regarding staffing strategies. They also oversee labor relations, budget, and the development of best HR practices. 

Top interview questions for VP of Human Resources 

The right questions will help land the most qualified candidates in the hot seat during the hiring process. These are our top picks.

  • What are some key questions to evaluate when planning a strategy?
  • Tell us about a time you managed to motivate your team.
  • What employment laws are important for a VP of HR? How has that knowledge helped you previously?

VP of Human Resources skills and qualifications

The VP of Human Resources sits on the executive-level leadership team to provide guidance to the organization’s HR operations. The VP of HR implements, enforces, and evaluates legally compliant human resources policies, procedures, and best practices. They are strategic thinkers who identify long-term talent management and recruiting goals within a company. 

They typically hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of HR, business admin, or other business-related fields. Law degrees are even more desirable, and they tend to have at least ten years of experience in HR or a related field. 

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