Use analytical skills interview questions to find rockstar candidates who can reach decisions or solve complex problems like a pro.

Why analytical skills rock

Analytical skills help companies pinpoint issues before they become major problems. 

Your ideal analytical candidate will be a data-gathering, problem-solving, logical-thinking superstar.  

You’ll know which specific skills to look out for—for example, your role might need methodical thinking over brainstorming abilities—but however they approach problems, candidates with super sharp analytical skills will be confident solution-first pros who can: 

  • Gather killer data
  • Ace critical-thinking problems every time
  • Communicate with team members
  • Make awesome judgements to help your biz grow

Analytical skills interview questions

  • When have you solved a problem without all the correct info? What did you do?
  • Talk us through your decision making process.
  • Say you’re choosing a new tech tool out of 2-3 options, how would you decide?
  • How would you troubleshoot a problem, for example client pushback, wifi issues, etc?
  • What are your key metrics? How do you find them and what are they used for?
  • How would you help your manager decide on something that will effect the whole team?

Candidates to look for

  • They consider all factors: True analytical-thinkers take it all into account. Use hypothetical role-related scenarios to make sure they fit the bill. 
  • They answer slowly: It takes time to come up with a killer answer. Let your candidate know it’s okay to think before responding.
  • Great prioritizers: Keep an eye out for candidates who prioritize the most important things and skip over irrelevant info.
  • They stick it out: Look for candidates who don’t easily quit when faced with difficult problems.

Candidates to avoid

  • Dishonesty: If you can tell a candidate's lying or you spot inaccuracies in their answers, they ain’t the pro you’re looking for.
  • Generic answers: When it comes to problem-solving, you need to know detail. Candidates who skip this one might miss out on important deets. Ask follow-up questions to get more insight. 
  • Poor communicators: Great teams have great communication. Avoid candidates who can’t say what they mean.
  • They don’t care about facts: Candidates who don’t understand take relevant facts and info into consideration, just aren’t gonna cut it.

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