iOS Developer

Ready to find your next innovative iOS Developer? These sample interview questions will help you narrow it down to your best candidates. Don’t forget to add questions specific to your company’s position requirements.

iOS Developer qualifications to look for 

iOS Developers build applications for mobile devices running Apple's iOS operating software. They design and code the base application, Plus they ensure the quality of the application, fix application bugs, maintain the code, and implement application updates.

A Computer Science degree may seem desirable, but many top developers have on-the-job training or self-taught skills that far outweigh any formal education. 

If you want to really get to know your candidate’s skill level, give them an assignment and see how well they master it. 

And since tech is evolving at lightning speed, your next to hire should be on the up-and-up with mobile technology trends. 

Keep an eye out for candidates who are:

  • Eager to learn and evolve in their profession
  • Big on side projects
  • Involved in the tech community, whether it’s attending events or groups

Top tip: Hire candidates willing to grow by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Problem-solving interview questions

  • What’s your process to troubleshoot a crashing application?
  • What interfaces do you use to create a user-friendly application?
  • Walk me through your protocol.
  • Describe atomic and nonatomic synthesized properties. What are the key differences? 
  • What iOS frameworks do you have experience working with?
  • Describe the differences between Key-Value Coding and Key-Value Observing.
  • How does iOS support multi-threading?
  • What security measures do you take when working on an application?
  • Explain MVC. How is it implemented in iOS?
  • What is the functionality of managed-object context?

Behavioral interview questions

  • When you last collaborated with engineers and designers for a group project, what was your role? How did the collaboration go? 
  • What’s your area of expertise? What are you currently learning about?  
  • Have you designed new features to make an application run faster? What was the outcome?
  • What application design are you most proud of? How did it change your career? 
  • What publications and resources do you follow to keep up with industry trends?

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