.NET Web Developer

Ready to find your next innovative .NET Web Developer? These sample interview questions will get the right candidates in front of you during the interview process. Don’t forget to add questions specific to your company’s position requirements.

.NET Web Developer qualifications to look for 

A net developer is responsible for producing code using  .NET languages such as C# and VB. 

.Net developers are savvy creators who design applications from scratch, configure existing systems and provide user support. A .net developer thrives on teamwork and collaborates to design, develop and maintain software.

Keep an eye out for candidates who have:

  • A strong understanding of basic algorithmic concepts
  • Solid critical thinking skills 
  • A wider understanding of databases
  • A strong intellectual interest in application development

Top tip: Hire candidates willing to grow by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

.NET Web Developer interview questions

  • What do you take into consideration when designing a new web API today?
  • Please list the practices/tools you employ in order to measure and optimize the performance of a web site/web application. 
  • What are modern browser storage options? 
  • Explain how network latency affects the user experience. What about bandwidth?
  • What are the core principles of  REST? How is this different from RPC?
  • Explain the different HTTP status codes classes used to designate success, client error, and server error respectively.
  • What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface? How do you know which one to use? 
  • Can you give me a basic overview of the OAUTH2 protocol flow?
  • Explain the difference between polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation?
  • Explain how a certain Lambda expression forms a closure.
  • Is it possible in .NET to extend a class (any class) with some extra methods? Explain how. 
  • What are multi-cast delegates? When do you use them? 
  • In .NET, attributes are a method of associating declarative information with C# code. What’s a proper use case for this? 
  • Define the WebSecurity class in .NET and its use. 
  • How should you pass configuration variables to ASP.NET applications?
  • If the web.config file contains user-defined sections, how are they declared and accessed by code?
  • How do you deploy a Web Application using Web Deploy? How is the web.config file altered automatically to contain the proper configuration for the deployment environment?

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