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About the iOS Developer position

We are looking for a skilled iOS developer who will join our team of talented engineers to design and help us to build the next generation of our mobile applications.

You should be able to write clean code and ensure your applications run properly. We also expect you to be passionate about pushing mobile technologies to the limits and perform well working in a dynamic environment.


iOS Developer responsibilities are:

  • Create and maintain advanced applications for the iOS platform
  • Work together with cross-functional teams to define٫ design٫ and ship new features.
  • Cover your code with unit tests to ensure robustness٫ including edge cases٫ usability٫ and general reliability.
  • Troubleshoot issues and bugs and improve application performance.
  • Explore٫ evaluate٫ and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.


iOS Developer requirements are:

  • 2+ years' experience of working on a iOS Developer position
  • At least one original iOS application is published in the app store
  • Significant experience in software development٫ including work with third-party libraries and APIs
  • Excellent knowledge of Objective-C and Cocoa Touch
  • Good experience with iOS frameworks such as Core Data٫ Core Animation٫ Core Graphics and Core Text
  • Good knowledge of the general mobile landscape٫ architectures٫ trends٫ and emerging technologies
  • Good understanding of the full mobile development life cycle
  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science٫ Engineering or other related area

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