Patient Care Technician Job Description

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About the Patient Care Technician Position

We are looking for a qualified Patient Care Technician (PCT) to provide daily assistance to patients. You will help them with their day-to-day needs and collaborate with medical professionals to achieve excellent patient care.

A PCT is a committed and compassionate professional. They have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to create a supportive environment. We expect you to be knowledgeable in patient care as well as various clinical tasks.

The goal is to facilitate the recovery of the ill and injured by providing them critical everyday assistance.

Patient Care Technician Responsibilities

  • Keep patient rooms tidy and sanitized
  • Assist patient with everyday needs (personal hygiene٫ using the restroom٫ grooming٫ etc.)
  • Monitor vital signs (temperature٫ pulse٫ etc.) or EKG signals and patient condition
  • Take fluid samples or other specimens for testing
  • Assist nursing staff in administering basic treatments
  • Perform basic nursing procedures (e.g. changing bandages)
  • Ensure rooms have adequate patient care supplies
  • Assist patients with particular issues or needs
  • Provide appropriate emotional support

Patient Care Technician Requirements

  • Proven experience as patient care technician
  • Trained in phlebotomy٫ vital signs measurement٫ and dialysis treatment
  • Excellent knowledge of patient assistance and care procedures
  • Working knowledge of relevant equipment (catheters٫ needles atc.)
  • Committed to health and safety standards
  • Empathetic and approachable
  • Successful completion of PCT training program with certification is required
  • CPR certified

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