Social Media Coordinator Job Description

A Social Media Coordinator job description template to hire for your Marketing department.

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About the Social Media Coordinator position

A successful Social Media Coordinator will create and maintain an online brand presence across a variety of platforms. This position takes creativity and ingenuity as you will be creating engaging online content for blog٫ Facebook٫ or Twitter readers. If you are technologically savvy and want to engage with clients online٫ this position would be a great fit for you. Online marketing through social media requires a multiplicity of skills including design٫ communication٫ and research.

Social Media Coordinator responsibilities are:

  • Research current trends and audience preferences in order to create relevant content
  • Facilitate and engage in online conversations with customers٫ including responding to queries or questions from clients.
  • Measure٫ record٫ and monitor SEO
  • Facilitate training on proficient social media use for coworkers.
  • Develop and implement an optimal posting schedule٫ taking into consideration metrics and customer engagement
  • Suggest and research new ways to attract or engage customers٫ including promotions٫ contests٫ or other methods

Social Media Coordinator requirements are:

  • Previous Social Media Coordinator experience
  • Ability to deliver unique and engaging social media content
  • Familiarity with online marketing strategies and how to implement these strategies
  • Ability to predict and grasp future internet trends and technological trends٫ in order to anticipate customer engagement
  • Great analytical٫ multitasking٫ and communication skills
  • BS degree in Marketing٫ or another similar field such as New Media

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