HR Manager Salary Overview

An HR Manager’s average salary is $72,728 per year. Glassdoor shows a self-reported salary at $78,377, while reports around $67,079. According to, the top ten percent earn $90,000 or more, while the lower ten percent earns less than $47,000.

How much does a human resource manager make in a year?

HR Manager Pay Scale

What’s the career outlook for HR Managers?

According to, entry-level HR Managers with less than five years of experience are paid $59,000 on average. Long-term experience doesn’t greatly influence salary as it reaches only $74,000 on average after more than 20 years in the profession. This is likely due to HR managers promoting to higher positions. 

HR Managers are most often promoted to the roles of Human Resources (HR) Director, while some may advance to the VP of Human Resources (HR) if they work in the IT industry. They can further become Chief HR Officers.

What are the top-paying cities for HR managers? 

  • Bridgeport, CT: $182.230
  • San Jose, CA: $175,520
  • San Francisco, CA: $163,050
  • New York, NY: $162,010
  • Washington, DC: $154,340

What are the top-paying industries for HR managers? 

HR Manager Job Description

HR managers helm the ship in the HR department, functioning as the link between management and the company’s employees. The HR manager implements daily operational standards, works to resolve conflicts within an organization, and also manages performance evaluations. The HR manager role varies within different organizations, but they may often consult with executives on recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff. 

Top Interview Questions for HR Consultants

The right questions will help land the most qualified candidates in the hot seat during the hiring process. These are our top picks.

  • Tell us about your approach to hiring. How do you source applicants and what does your hiring process look like?
  • What do you feel is the most effective way to resolve employee and leadership conflicts?
  • What would be the first employee policy you would draft as a new HR manager and why? 

Top HR Manager Skills & Qualifications

HR managers typically require a bachelor’s degree and have a variety of educational backgrounds. Most often organizations seek those with a degree in business admin, finance, IT, or education. 

Top HR managers know what it takes to master performance management and employee relations. They also have a vast knowledge of regulations and Human Resource Management Systems.

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