Breezy HR + GoodHire = Faster, Friendlier Background Checks

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Breezy partners with GoodHire to bring seamless background checks to customers and candidates alike

Pre-employment screening and compliance aren’t exactly topping the list of celebrated stages in the recruiting process – while sourcing is flashy, and interviews are juicy, running candidates through a background check can seem like a necessary evil. Breezy’s gotten together with GoodHire to help change the face of that, and provide an effortless, candidate-centric path to your best hires yet.

Customers will be able to order a background check straight from Breezy, right inside the Candidate Profile. After you enable the integration, you’ll just choose which level of screening you’d like to run, and send it off! Breezy will keep you informed in-app every step of the way, and house the final report alongside the rest of the candidate’s documentation.

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In keeping with the candidate-first approach of both Breezy and GoodHire, Brian Monahan, co-founder of GoodHire, says,

“We’ve designed GoodHire to prevent unintentional discrimination in the employment screening process. We’ve discovered that giving candidates meaningful control over their information empowers them — they’re no longer being judged by a background check, they’re a part of the process. We think it’s a more personal way to kick off the employer-employee relationship, which leads to a better relationship down the line, too.”

With the GoodHire + Breezy HR integration, employers can look forward to an effortless, comprehensive set of tools to meet FCRA, state, local, and EEOC compliance regulations.

With just a name and a candidate email address from Breezy, GoodHire’s experts will handle the collection of all sensitive data related to the screening and its management, transferring insurance of its security outside of your organization and allowing your team to focus on what they do best – finding and hiring exceptional talent.

Darren Bounds, Founder & CEO at Breezy HR, says of the partnership,

“At Breezy, we’re passionate about simplifying the recruiting process for both employers and candidates. In GoodHire, we’ve found a candidate-centric partner to who could perform comprehensive background screening while maintaining a simple, consumer-friendly experience for everyone involved.”

Want to see the nitty-gritty of the integration? Check out our Resources Documentation for the complete how-to!

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