Did you catch April Breezy updates?

Notes, calendar, and more cool newness in Breezy

We hear it all the time … “Hey, when did you guys add this? I love this!” or, “I couldn’t do this before! YAS.”

We know! We love it all, too. So we’re going to do a better job of keeping you in the loop on all the cool updates we’re making … so you don’t go a day without your new favorite bit of awesome. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Take Notes for yourself

Use Notes to record and organize your thoughts on candidates throughout the hiring process.

We like to think of Notes as the web version of the little notebook you carry into meetings … only not for doodling.

breezy candidate notes

Notes default to Private (just for you ) but can be made Public, allowing Hiring Managers to review your Notes in Scorecards.

Notes will also be maintained when you copy a candidate from one position to another.

Read more about how to use Notes in our Resources doc.

Now Available: Google Calendar Free/Busy

What is Free/Busy? Glad you asked!

Once you enable the feature, you’ll have full access to not only your own calendar availability, but also the calendar availability of any other attendees who have shared their calendars while you’re scheduling meetings or viewing calendars inside of Breezy.

You know, so you can see when everyone is Free or Busy.

breezy calendar integration

Next time you’re ready to schedule, you’ll just click to choose one or more blocks of time that work for everyone on your team.

No more toggling back and forth between your company calendar and Breezy.

Need another reason to enable your Google Calendar? You’ll also be able to see your own calendar availability in both the global and Position-level Calendar sections.

Click here for instructions to enable Google Calendar on your account.

Psst! You can find the new calendar (and a couple other surprises) when you update your Breezy iPhone app to the latest version.

Schedule your email sends

With our Scheduled Send feature, you can write an email now, but schedule it to send automatically at a more appropriate time.

Here’s how it works: You write the messages like you normally would, and then you click the clock icon. Now, use the handy dropdown to select the perfect time, whether it’s an hour or a week from now. Tada — it’s scheduled!

breezy scheduled send

You can also schedule the emails that you send as Stage Actions; saving you time and ensuring we send your emails when the time is juuust right.

Hey, You’ve got a dashboard!

Would be pretty hard to miss this one — Breezy now welcomes you to an overview of your whole recruiting ecosystem with a snappy new Dashboard on login. It’s a quick way to find out what’s new and what’s next.

If you’d like to get back to the dashboard at any point, just click the little Breezy icon in the top left.

breezy new dashboard

New Premium Job Board: Dice

Recruiting for Tech positions? Then you’ll love our new Dice Premium Job Board integration. Dice is one of the leading tech job boards in the US — give it a try for your next promoted position, and tap into millions of skilled tech candidates.

A few more quick hits …

  • Hey! Now you can clone your pipelines! No need to recreate each new, custom pipeline from scratch. 👯
  • Have multiple positions share the same job title but different locations? Now we display position location. 📍
  • If you’re using Slack, you can now post to private channels. 🕵
  • We gave Bold, our most popular Career Portal choice, an optional new layout … here’s a simple example.
  • Did you notice? Candidate cards now show you who you’ve seen and who you haven’t — new candidates are noted with green.

Hope these updates make your days a little easier! And when you think of new ways Breezy can help you hire more awesome, feel free to send them our way … support@breezyhr.com.

These updates are just the tip of the iceberg — see all the ways that Breezy HR can help you modernize your recruiting process.

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